Thai-Inspired Papaya Salad Recipe

Are you craving for some Thai food? The good news is you don’t have to fly all the way to Thailand to satisfy your craving. Here’s a salad recipe inspired by the popular Thai street dish Som Tam.

Thai Style Papaya Salad Recipe

Ingredients The following are what you will need.
  • Papaya – You’ll need the green or unripe papaya. This recipe is for 2 so ½ papaya is enough. Peel the skin off and slice it into long, thin strips.
  • Carrots – You will need 2 carrots. Peel the skin off and slice it into thin strips. If you love eating the skin (plus it’s also loaded with nutrients) you can skip peeling the carrots.
  • Cucumber – You will need 1 medium-size cucumber. Peel it and slice it into thin strips as well.
  • Tomato – Use 1 large tomato and slice it thinly.
  • Peanuts – Use the roasted and unsalted crushed peanuts. If you can’t find the crushed ones, you can simply crush them using a mortar and pestle. You will need just ¼ cup.
  • Cilantro – Just a handful
Now here is what you will need for the dressing.
  • Garlic – You’ll need ½ clove
  • Red chili – ½ is enough. Remove the seeds.
  • Fish sauce – You will need 3 tablespoons.
  • Lime – You’ll need the juice of just ½ of the lime
  • Agave nectar – 1 teaspoon is enough. If you don’t have agave nectar, you can use honey instead. But you may need to dilute the honey a little bit.
Now that you have all the ingredients, it is time to prepare your Thai-inspired salad. Directions For the Salad Dressing
  • Grab your mortar and pestle and throw in your garlic and chili. Start bashing them together until you get a paste-like consistency. Once done, put it in a mixing bowl and add in the agave nectar, fish sauce, and lime juice. Keep whisking until everything is combined.
Putting the Salad Together Grab a large plate and start layering the strips of papaya, carrots, cucumber, as well as the tomatoes. Sprinkle the crushed peanuts and cilantro on top. Pour the dressing over and gently toss the salad to coat everything with the dressing. This is one tasty and healthy salad. Enjoy this simple Thai-inspired dish! Like our Facebook page and share this salad recipe to your friends!