Organic Food Are Healthier And Cheaper

The Benefits of Consuming Organic Food

There are tons of reasons why one should eat organic food. Organic produce is getting more popular these days and for good reasons. Organic food is healthy Compared to conventionally grown produce, organic food contains higher levels of nutrients such as Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium and chromium. Organic food also has higher levels of antioxidants which are known to have cancer-fighting abilities. Free from additives Organic food is free from additives that can trigger health problems. Many non-organic foods have additives that can lead to heart disease, migraines, osteoporosis as well as hyperactivity. The Soil Association bans numerous additives such as hydrogenated fat, MSG or monosodium glutamate and artificial sweetener. Free from pesticides Non-organic foods are usually laden with pesticide residue. This is because conventional farming sprays more than 400 chemical pesticides to their crops. High levels of pesticide residue have been detected in baby food, dried fruits, spinach, apples, celery, bread and even chips. No Genetic Modification Certified organic food does not contain any genetically modified ingredients and crops. No antibiotics There has been great concern over the immense use of antibiotics on farm animals. Meat, fish and poultry products that are not bred organically have high levels of antibiotics. High levels of antibiotics have been linked to hormonal imbalance and even cancer. Environment-friendly Organic produce are friendlier to the environment and wildlife. Organic farming brings down pollution from chemical sprays and produces less carbon dioxide compared to conventional farming. Global warming is a real threat to our planet and we have started feeling its disastrous effects. Carbon dioxide is the main gas that triggers global warming. Organic farming also produces less dangerous wastes and helps in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Friendlier to Animals In organic farming, the welfare of animals is highly prioritized. The animals being bred are cared for. In most conventional farming, animals are kept in dirty and overcrowded cages. Organic farming does not allow such practice. Friendlier to the economy Conventional farming has caused much damage to our environment and taxpayers have been shouldering the cost of undoing this damage such as the removal of chemicals in drinking water brought about by pesticides used in conventional farming. With all of these benefits, it is not surprising why many are now turning to organic food. It is time that we start caring more for our planet. Going organic can help and not only will you be benefiting the environment, you’ll be benefiting your health too! Keep asking your friends to like our Facebook page and we’ll keep posting more health and beauty tips!


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