The Best Hairstyles for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. So what kind of hairstyle are you going to have for all the parties that are coming your way? If this is your problem now then read on because here you will find the solution. You may be wondering if you have to limit your search to your own hair type. That is not the case today as hairstylists can now turn straight hair to curly hair with ease.

The Updo Curly

This is a classic holiday hairstyle that is vibrant and full of life. But it is limited to hair lengths that are medium and long. That hair is basically clipped and fixed in a way that the length is hidden while most of it is shown in a very artistic way. The best thing about this hairstyle is that just about any woman can pull it off.

The French Twist

This one is another updo hair style but primarily use on straight hair. The concept is basically making an unsecured pony tail using a French combo. The pony tail is then twisted upwards creating the typical cone-like hair bulge at the back of the head. The front part usually has the bangs combed towards one direction, left or right. There are also cases when the bangs are brushed up. The French Twist is the hairstyle to go to if you are attending formal parties.

The Messy-Unfussy Combo

The messy and unfussy combo hairdo is said to be a trademark of actress Lindsay Lohan. But this hairstyle is perfect for anyone who has a slim physique. Hair color is not an issue, only the length since Lohan always sports this style with her long hair. It is also easy to perfect and the matching clothes is anything that is considered sexy.

The Ponytail

If you have long hair then the ponytail is the hairstyle to go to for the holidays. It is simple and clean which makes it perfect for any informal parties which will be very common this season. It would not even matter if you have curly hair or straight.

The French Braid

Here is another hairstyle by the French. The French braid is basically a braid that is either wrapped around the rest of your hair or that the top portion of your hair is all in braids. The key point of this hairstyle is the braid design which is made using three strands that start from the crown of your head.

There may be several times during the holidays that you will have to add chemicals on your hair to get the hairstyle you want. So after making full use of it, spend time to treat your hair to remove these chemicals. A good way to do this is using Argan oil on your hair.

Argan oil contains a lot of the nutrients needed by hair to repair itself from damage. So remember this tip next time you go on partying this holiday so that you do not end up with a damaged hair after all the celebrations.

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