The Best Nail Growing Secrets

Immaculately long nails are often the envy of many. Natural healthy nails, clear, and strong are nails that look classy and sexy. Some women spend hundreds of dollars each month to have their nails looking like a nail commercial model. Is spending a lot of money really necessary to get that set of nails you have always wanted? Do you really have to spend hours and hours of time in your favorite nail salon? Now you don’t have to. Here are the best nail growing secrets experts tell their clients!


Nails grow from under your cuticle. This area is called the matrix, the living part of the nail. The cuticles are a portion of your skin that protects the matrix. It is an important factor in keeping nails healthy and strong. When nails grow older nail cells are pushed downward. This is the white portion of your nails that you cut off.


The nails grow faster during summer than during winter time. Another nail fact is that the nails in your dominant hand also grow faster than the other hand. So if you are right handed, the nails in your right hand grow faster than that of your left hand. Another important fact is that the nails of men grow faster than that of women except when a woman is pregnant and her nails grow faster.


  • Never use your nails as tools. Nails should be cared for. Using them to scrape off things, open stuff, and clean will damage and eventually destroy the nails.
  • Using gloves is important for your hands and your nails. Rubber gloves and working gloves are both important to protect your nails. When gardening, avoid getting your nails dirty and damaged by using working gloves. When cleaning and using harmful solutions always use rubber gloves. This will avoid nail discoloration and weakening.
  • Do not bite your nails and pick on your cuticles. As earlier discussed, cuticles serve as the protector of your matrix and nails. They are vital for healthy nail growth. Biting your nails will hinder your nail’s healthy and natural growth.
  • Look after your cuticles and your nails. Caring for the cuticles include moisturizing. Nails on the other hand should be kept trimmed and cleaned. Moisturizing the nails is also important. When dealing with nails make sure that the cutters you are using are working well. Nail cutters for example when not working properly may cut nails unevenly and ruin them.
  • Moisturize the nails and cuticles. Moisturizing the nails and cuticles will help to get that glamorous nails you are hoping for. Taking time to massage both nails and cuticles with a few drops of argan oil will make all the difference between ordinary nails and nails fit for a movie star. You don’t have to spend so much, a few drops of argan oil massaged onto nails and cuticles.
Beautiful nails are easy and inexpensive to have. With these tips, you can have the nails of your dreams.