The Caring that Your Hair Needs

When women talk about beauty, this topic would mostly revolve around 2 things. Skin and hair are the two most discussed topics amongst women. Many women talk about how to keep the skin and hair beautiful. Men may often find the topic of caring for the skin or caring for the hair as not interesting and would rather discuss sports or video games but women are serious about keeping the skin and hair healthy and beautiful.

One of the most common problems that women have is dry, frizzy as well as brittle hair. Our Hair tends to dry out after being exposed to the elements. The wind, sun and the cold weather strips the hair of its natural oils as well as weaken our hair strands. Add to this dirt and pollution. Our hair everyday does receive some battering when exposed to the elements.

However all hope is not lost. You can still have smooth, silky and healthy hair with proper caring for your crowning glory. How should you care for your hair? How can you avoid dry and unmanageable hair?

Caring for the Hair

  1. Protect the hair from the elements. When you know that the wind is blowing hard outside you should be wearing a hat when you head outside. During the winter it should be a must to wear your snow hat every time you would be going outdoors. During the hot days of summer you would most likely be heading out to the beach often. Be sure that you have your summer hat on as your hair would be exposed to both the wind and the sun when you are on the beach. You should also lather on a hair sunscreen product to minimise the harsh effects of the sun to your hair.
  2. Do not shampoo your hair everyday. Washing the hair with shampoo everyday can actually also do your hair damage. Shampoos contain chemicals and chemicals can weaken your hair. Even if you are using a mild shampoo you should see to it that you only use shampoo on your hair at most twice or thrice in a week.
  3. Use conditioner as often as you can. Conditioning the hair means introducing moisture to your hair. With all the battering from the elements your hair loses its essential oils and natural moisture everyday. One of the most effective conditioner to use is Argan oil. Argan oil is not only an effective conditioner because of its moisturising properties. It also has components that help in nourishing the hair and making it more beautiful. It contains antioxidants that repair damaged cellular membranes of hair. It is packed with Vitamin E that also repairs damages caused by various elements.
  4. Don’t shower or bathe with hot water. This practice is not only bad for your hair but also for the skin. Using hot water when showering or bathing strips the hair and the skin of its natural oils. How water is another reason why many women starts wearing dry hair during the colder months.

If you are serious about keeping your hair smooth and silky then follow these 4 hair care tips.

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