The Last Days of Summer: Protecting the Hair

If there is one hair product that should be in your beauty kit this summer season that should be the Moroccan Argan oil! Most of us love changing our hairdos once a new season hits and during the fun summer season, many are brave enough to do a hair makeover. But since the summer season means sun, sand and surf plus pool time, the hair can get scruffy, looking less than how we want our mane to be. But this should not stop you from trying out a new do.

There are ways to lessen hair damage caused by, chlorine, sun, wind, surf and water. These elements can rob your crowning glory of its natural oils which is why it is very common for hair to become dry, brittle and filled with dead ends during the summer season. Definitely it is essential to look after your locks as the summer season bids us goodbye.

Many will want to enjoy the few days left we have of the summer season. So it is expected that many would still be hitting the water which just means that our locks will still get some good battering. So here are ways for you to at least lessen or prevent hair damage.

Keep Your Locks Protected

Before you run to the sea or dive in the pool, see to it that you’ve given your locks tons of moisture. Condition your hair regularly so you can prevent or at least minimise the damaging effects of chlorine and the ocean. Both robs the hair of its natural oils so seeing to it that your crowning glory is loaded with moisture will help lessen the chances of it becoming too dry and brittle.

Choose A Potent Hair Conditioner

The Moroccan Argan Oil

The Moroccan Argan oil is a great choice in hair conditioners. It is loaded with essential fatty acids which not only help keep moisture in your locks but these fatty acids also nourish the hair roots and pores therefore making them stronger. This just means that breakage and split ends are prevented or at least minimised. The oil also has Sterols which help lock in the moisture to your hair.

The oil is also loaded with Vitamin E and Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant. This just means that the hair is protected from the damaging effects of free radicals such as the UV rays. Vitamin E also has the ability to restore and renew the natural hair. Other antioxidants that are present in the oil are Ferulic acid, Carotenoids and Polyphenols.

Wear a Hat and Other Hair Accessories
A hat will be an essential accessory especially when you hit the beach. The sun, wind and sea salt will banter your hair and wearing a hat will help minimise damage. Wear a headband or perhaps a ponytail so the wind won’t keep on blowing away your hair in all directions making them weaker.

The After Care
Remember to rinse off with tap water after swimming in the beach or the pool. It would be better to condition your locks instead of using a shampoo.

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