The Nutrients of Argan Oil Essential to the Hair

Argan Oil Is Great For The Skin
Does it take a long time to grow your hair? Many women can relate to this matter. In today’s society, most women still long to have long and healthy hair. Of course by healthy we mean silky smooth and shiny. We all know that the only living part of the hair is what’s inside the hair follicle and the part we see is considered dead as it has no biochemical activity. This is just so we are clear about what is meant here by healthy hair. A considerable percentage of the human population suffer from slow hair growth and hair loss. This is very apparent with the numerous ads you see on TV and in print on products for hair growth and products to combat hair loss. For those who suffer from hair problems such as slow hair growth and hair loss, it is best to use natural products that contain no harmful ingredients. Some products with chemicals can actually do more damage than good. A new product that is sweeping the hearts of people with skin and hair problems is the Argan oil. This oil is naturally extracted from the nuts of the fruits of the Argan tree. The Argan tree is native to Morocco which is why the oil is popularly referred to as the liquid gold of Morocco or the Moroccan miracle oil. Before the west have known about the wonders of the oil, the Berber tribe of Morocco has been using this oil for medicinal, culinary and even cosmetic purposes. You probably are wondering why this liquid gold from Morocco is great for the hair. The secret lies on what nutrients are found in the oil.

The Nutrients in Argan Oil

  • Vitamin EThe Argan oil is loaded with a high concentration of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential to the hair. In fact Vitamin E is the most potent antioxidant that protects the entire body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Vitamin E is also a powerful agent for treating hair. Since the hair can be damaged by heat, overstyling and oxidation, it is best to use a product on your hair packed with Vitamin E such as the liquid gold from Morocco. If you are wondering why, the answer is simply because Vitamin E restores, renew and repair these damages brought about by different internal and external factors.
  • Essential Unsaturated Fatty AcidsAnother nutrient that benefits the hair is found in this oil. The Moroccan miracle oil is packed with essential unsaturated fatty acids. These essential fatty acids or EFAs are actually essential nutrients that are needed by the hair pores and roots. The EFAs can make hair stronger as they strengthen the hair’s protein bonding structure. Thus hair loss and hair breakage can be prevented.
  • Natural AntioxidantsThe liquid gold from Morocoo contains other natural antioxidants besides Vitamin E. How do antioxidants benefit the hair? The natural antioxidants actually repair cellular membrane of the hair that has been damaged.
The nutrients found in this oil are nourishing to the growth of hair and also very helpful in preventing damage to the hair including hair loss.