The Perfect Partner in Fighting Skin Aging

You know what’s the best anti-wrinkle solution that doesn’t cost a thing? Finding the right partner. Having someone who’d still tell you how beautiful you are despite your wrinkles is, no doubt, the best anti-wrinkle treatment anyone can ask for.

Fortunately, you are not married to yourself. Unlike your partner for life, many of you, if not all, will not love yourself no matter what. When you wake up in morning and look at yourself in the bathroom mirror, you won’t say that “You’re as beautiful as the first day I laid eyes on you”. The more likely thoughts going through your head are “You look old!” or “That line wasn’t there last night!”

Lucky for you, if you already have the perfect mate, you don’t have to worry so much about anti-wrinkle treatments. Just taking care of your body and eating the right food are already enough to give your skin a healthy glow (as if it’s not already glowing from being in love!)

Beauty from the Inside

This may sound like a cliche, but really, beauty comes from within…literally. If you take in unhealthy food, don’t expect your skin to look as if you’ve been eating greens and fruits all day. If you eat unhealthy food, then you’ll get unhealthy skin. It’s that simple. You don’t need all those beauty pills if you’re already eating right. All the nutrients and minerals your body needs can already be found in food. A great salad, for instance, consists of fresh produce that are already rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, zinc and selenium. Topped this off with a healthy dose of Argan oil and your salad has already gotten an added boost of antioxidants. Antioxidants in Argan oil and in fruits like strawberries do not only help protect the body from free radicals, it also protects the skin from environmental damage. Using the cosmetic Argan oil on your skin daily will also protect the skin from damage and keep it healthy and of course youthful!

More water, less alcohol

One advice that we’ve all heard before is drinking 8 cups of water daily. Your pre-school teacher kept reminding you about it…your parents, your grandparents, now me… Water is vital in almost every body process so I could not emphasize more how important it is to ensure you’re hydrated all day. If you’re hydrated, then your skin will reflect that too. This brings me to my next point — drink less alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body and like I said, you need to stay hydrated always so your skin will be moist and supple.

Don’t smoke

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 toxins. Following our initial argument that your body will reflect what you take in, these toxins will most definitely be reflected in your appearance. The effects of smoking on a person’s face are so obvious that doctors even coined the term, smoker’s face, for these. Doctors claim that smokers often look older than they really are.

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