The Tattoo Art: What You Need to Know Before You Get Inked

The art of tattooing has been around for centuries. Tattoos are permanent designs which can be plain or elaborate but are always personal. Today, tattoos are majorly considered as a form of art but if we go back and look at its history we can see that these permanent designs have served as amulets, status symbols, signs of religious beliefs, declarations of love, adornments and even as a form of punishment.

Tattoo: When Did It All Start?

Before, it was considered that the Egyptian were the first ones to do tattooing. Archaeologists have found a number of Egyptian female mummies which date back to 2000 B.C. with tattoos. However, in 1991, it was found out that the art of tattooing has been around even for a longer time with the discovery of the “Iceman” having tattoo patterns, in the area of the Italian-Austrian border. When the “Iceman” was carbon dated, it was found out that that he was about 5, 200 years old. So this just goes to show that our kind has been tattooing our body for thousands of years.

Tattoos are still quite popular these days. For a time, this body art was seen in a negative light. People associated them with bad people. However, these days, they are more seen as an art and self-expression and society has been more accepting of them. And ever since society’s acceptance for this art, the number of people who are getting inked rose. However, many people are now also wanting to have their tattoos removed.

Before Getting a Tattoo

In England, a recent survey showed that almost 1/3 of people who get inked end up regretting their decision to get one. The said survey also showed that men are twice as likely to have such regret than women.

If you are getting a tattoo consider this information first.

In tattoos, the ink is placed in the dermis, or the deeper layer of the skin. In the dermis, you’ll find all the connective tissue which make up the skin’s structure. It is also this layer of the skin that leaves a scar when damaged.

Tattoo Removal

Don’t believe any ointment or cream proclaiming that they can get rid of your tattoo without leaving a scar. This is highly implausible. You have to remember that the ink is deep in the skin. Bleaching down your skin is also not a good idea since this can only damage the surface of the skin. Chemical treatments and acids may be able to get rid of your tattoo but you’ll end up getting a huge scar as these chemicals would be burning your skin. And this burn is no joke at all since it would be like a third-degree burn.

Laser tattoo removal is your best option. This gets rid of tattoos by targeting the pigment. And since the laser only targets the color which is deep into the skin, your skin’s surface is left undamaged. However, most professional tat artist make use of higher quality ink and in higher quantities making it more difficult to have these tattoos completely removed. So there are times when a shadow of the tat still remains even after extensive or repeated laser treatments.

Here’s some great news though for those who are planning to get a new tattoo and would perhaps end up regretting their decision in the future. There are newer tattoo inks that have been developed and engineered specifically for the laser treatments. These newer inks make good targets for the laser so the laser can easily destroy them making complete tattoo removal quite easier and one does not have to worry about residual color.

Should you decide to have your tattoo removed, you should only consult a board-certified dermatologist with laser tattoo removal experience. You should also take note that this can cost you several hundreds of dollars a session and in most cases several sessions over a period of months are required to get the tattoo removed. And there are cases when some tattoos are never completely erased.

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