The Trendiest Hairstyles of 2013

Every season, new trends in hairstyles come up. Which hairstyles are trendy to be sporting this spring season? Let’s take a look at 2013’s trendy hairstyles for the spring and summer seasons.

The Super Straight Hairstyle

Get your straighteners out as the super straight hairstyle is in trend this spring season. After a long time, the super straight hair look is finally back in vogue.

Before wearing this trendy hairstyle, see to it that your locks are in tip top condition. Apply a hair product that will give your locks extra shine and good protection. The Moroccan Argan oil is an excellent choice. The oil is packed with antioxidants which offer great protection against the elements plus it is loaded with moisturizers making the hair smooth, silky and shiny.

For a More Sophisticated Look

It’s easy to give the super straight hairstyle a sophisticated look. Simply do a sleek-side parting and instantly your hair is power-dressed. For a more modern look, give the center-parting style a twist by simply slicking the sections in the front of your hair back behind your ears. Leave the section that is in front of the ear loose. For a super neat look, use a simple hairband to put your hair in place.

The Wet-Look

Feeling bold this season? Why not sport a fantastic grunge wet look hairstyle? Give this trend a preppy look by adding some volume at the roots and just slick your locks back from your face. You can use gel through the roots of your straight hair and using a comb just comb back into place. As a finishing touch, don’t forget to wear a rock and roll attitude.

If you have short hair, all you need to do is use gel or mousse or any hair product designed to give your hair that wet look. Remember to use plenty and simply slick straight back using a comb. A side-swept androgynous look becomes more feminine with a red lipstick.

All Glam and Retro Up-Do

This year’s spring and summer trendy hairstyles are not just about messy waves and ponytails. Ultra glam and retro up-dos are also in the trend.

Blow dry your locks and loosen them up by tucking a side behind one ear. Give your hair some texture by rubbing together a few strands.

Here’s a classic hairstyle that does not go out of style. The slick and chic side-swept up do. Have a side of your hair forward and make a finger curl just underneath your hat or a headscarf.

If you want a glossy and expensive look, simply blow-dry your hair and curl the ends under.

Give the classic beehive hairdo a modern twist by adding lots of volume at your roots and then sweeping your hair to one side instead of sweeping it straight back.

Try wearing some of the trendiest hairstyles for spring and summer this year. They are quite easy to do.

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