The True Beauty in Purchasing Argan Oil

The beauty and antiaging benefits of Argan oil are enough to get many consumers clamouring for this product. But a bottle of Argan oil does more than minimise and prevent wrinkles. Its benefits goes beyond soft skin and silky smooth hair and stronger nails. This oil often called as the liquid gold of Morocco is giving hope for a better future.

It is in south west Morocco where Argan oil hails from. For thousands of years, the Berber women who live in the rural areas of Morocco have been using the oil in their everyday lives. History reveals that the Berber tribe use the oil in their culinary, medicine and cosmetics years before it gained popularity in the west because of its beauty and antiaging benefits.

The Argan Tree: A Brief History

The Argan tree grows exclusively in the southwestern regions of Morocco in an area now called Arganeraie. Arganeraie is a protected UNESCO biosphere reserve as the Argan trees are rare and already listed as endangered. It is believed that the Argan tree has been around since 80 million years ago and this tree is actually among the oldest trees on Earth. The oil i extracted from the pits of the Argan nuts. The process of extraction is a tedious and hard labour and this task has been done by the hands of the Berber women for thousands of years.

How Argan Oil is Giving Hope

Poverty is not a stranger to the Berber women and their families. Although the Berbers are known to be always working hard, they have been living in poverty for many years. Not many children go to school especially in the rural areas of Morocco as most families can not afford to send their children to school. Illiteracy is high in this part of the world and sadly, a high percentage of illiteracy is among women. It has been reported that an estimate of only 10% of women in the rural areas of Morocco can read and write.

With consumers in the west and other parts of the oil loving the benefits of the Argan oil, there is great hope for a better life for the Berber women and their families. Numerous women’s cooperatives producing the oil have been springing up in the south west of Morocco and these cooperatives have the Berber women in their work force to produce the highly demanded for cosmetic oil. Working for these cooperatives means that the Berber women have now a good source of income. Although, traditionally, the Berber women were never allowed to go to work, the great opportunity in this oil changed all that. Berber women are happy with the money they get from their work as this money can help send their children beyond primary school and give them a chance for a better and brighter future.

All the bottles of Argan oil from are produced by a women’s cooperative in south west Morocco. Every bottle purchased will benefit the Berber women and their families.

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