The Truth about Skin Care

Many women are serious about their skin care regimens but most men don’t even have a skin care regimen at all. There are also a few women who think that caring for the skin is a lengthy process what with all that cream, ointment, lotion and masks that one would need to apply to the skin. A high percentage of both women and men who do not bother to care for the skin believe that skin care is just too expensive. The truth is skin care does not have to be time consuming nor expensive. It becomes time consuming if you are overdoing your care regimen. It also only becomes expensive if you choose to buy beauty and skin care products that are priced really high.

Skin Care Facts

Here are some facts that you need to know about the importance of caring for the skin and proper skin care.

  • Caring for the skin goes beyond beauty and skincare products. Beautiful skin is a reflection of how healthy you are. This means that having that soft, smooth, clear and radiant skin means that your entire body is healthy. For the skin to be beautiful you need to eat healthy, get enough sleep, stay away from stress or be able to manage stress and exercise regularly. You also should quit your bad habits such as smoking or consuming too much alcohol. An unhealthy diet, lack of enough sleep, stress, inactivity and bad habits all bring damage to the skin.
  • Protecting the skin from the sun’s UV rays daily is crucial. Yes, indeed! You are reading this right. Sunscreen lotion is not just for when you are going to the beach or when the day is sunny. If you go out of your house every day then you need to use sunscreen lotion with a minimum SPF of 15 every time you do so.Not only are you preventing having wrinkles, sunspots, age spots, blemishes and sunburns when you protect the skin from the sun you are also protecting yourself from getting skin cancer. The sun’s UV rays do not just bring those unattractive wrinkles and fine lines they do cause a much more serious and fatal sickness which is skin cancer.Remember to apply sunscreen lotion to the skin at least 15 minutes before going outdoors and reapply after sweating heavily, swimming or after 2 hours of being exposed to the sun. Use an umbrella or a floppy hat on hot days as well as sun glasses.
  • You need to apply moisturiser daily. It is best to apply moisturiser when the skin is still damp so after patting yourself dry apply a moisturiser such as Argan oil to your skin. Argan oil actually has moisturising and anti aging properties because of its components such as Vitamin E, Sterols, Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, Linoleic acid, Ferulic acid, Polyphenols and Prostaglandins. If you do your research about these components of this oil you would learn that they keep the skin healthy, young and beautiful.

If you want beautiful and healthy skin, follow these advice!