Argan Oil'S Potentials Are Infinite

The Wonders of the Argan Oil

In the Morccan Berber community, the Argan tree is referred to as the Tree of Life . This is because the Argan tree has long provided for the many needs of the people of the desert regions of Morocco and had supported their livestock. The leaves and fruits of the Argan trees serve as food for the goats, camels, and sheep of the Moroccan tribe. Humans extract oil – which is used for medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic purposes – from the Argan fruit nuts and the press-cake that remains from after extracting the oil is eaten by cattle. The Argan nut shells are then used for fuel.

Argan Oil: Beauty in a Bottle

For centuries the wonders of the Argan tree and its oil was exclusively known by the Moroccan Berber tribe. The Moroccan Berber tribe believed that the Argan oil can protect their hair and skin from the harsh conditions of the arid regions where they live. They also believed that the oil can nourish their skin, hair, and nails. Today, the Argan oil and its numerous benefits have been revealed to the world. The cosmetic Argan oil has been creating a loud noise in the beauty industry. Women all over the world have sung praises to this beauty oil often hailed as the liquid gold of Morocco. Even the A-listers of Tinseltown have been raving about the incredible beauty benefits of the oil.

Culinary Argan Oil: A Heavenly Taste

The culinary Argan oil is also starting to have a great following in the culinary world. The culinary type of the oil is extracted from the same Argan nuts as the cosmetic type. The only difference is that for the culinary oil, the Argan nuts are roasted before being pressed. Top chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Rachael Ray, and Nigella Lawson have been incorporating the culinary Argan oil in their dishes. Many chefs love the oil for its delightful, nutty taste.

Argan Oil: A Gift to Moroccans

For many centuries, the Argan tree has supported the life of the Moroccan tribe. Today, it continues to do so. With the high demand for the Argan oil, the Moroccan Berber tribe has been given an opportunity to have a better life. Women’s cooperatives in Morocco have opened with local Berber women in their workforce taking care of producing the oil. With a steady flow of income from the work they do in producing the oil, Moroccan women are now adding to their family income. With the Holiday season just around the corner, you might want to give a bottle of either the cosmetic Argan oil or the culinary Argan oil to a loved one. Not only are you giving a gift to the person dear to you, but also to the families of the Moroccan women producing this oil! Like our Facebook page and share this post to your friends.


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