Things You Need to Know About Argan Oil

Argan Oil Has Many Different Kinds Of Benefits

Even the New York Times is all praises on Argan oil. It has nicknamed this liquid gold from Morocco as the “latest miracle ingredient”. If you are just hearing about this miracle oil of Morocco there are important things that you should know. After learning about the important tidbits of the oil, you would be able to make a smart and informed decision when buying the oil. Let us start off with the two types of the Argan oil.

Cosmetic Vs Culinary Moroccan Argan Oil

The cosmetic type of the oil has made a huge noise in the market. Many are going gaga over this oil. The oil is known to prevent skin aging, reduce acne and inflammation, remove acne scars, minimise and prevent stretch marks, moisturise and strengthen hair as well as nails. With all of these benefits it’s no wonder that many are clamouring to get a hold of this precious oil. And it’s not just women who have adapted the Argan oil habit in their routine, men too!The cosmetic oil is extracted from raw Argan nut seeds through cold-pressing.

The culinary type of the oil is also now making waves in the culinary industry. The culinary oil is well loved for its strong nutty flavour. Many cooks and chefs all over the world are also happy with the health benefits of the oil. The oil is packed with essential fatty acids which benefits the heart and the brain. The oil is added as drizzles to grilled fish and meat, salads,soups and stews most of the time. The extra nutty taste and aroma is very appetizing. The nutty flavour comes from roasting the nuts. This is basically the main difference between the 2 types of oil.

Cosmetic Argan Oil and 2 Extraction Methods

When it comes to extracting the cosmetic oil, there are two ways. Traditionally, the Berber women of Morocco extracted the oil from the nuts by grinding the nuts into thick paste then pressing the thick paste between their hands to get the oil out. This method is still used to this date. With the modern advancements that we have, there is now a mechanical way of extracting the oil. Obviously, machines make the task of extracting this precious oil easier. The main difference between the 2 methods of extraction is that in machine pressed extraction, the oil does its work of pressing the nut seeds without having to add water. The hand pressed extraction uses water to encourage oil to come out of the nut seeds. The oil produced by hand-pressed method lasts about 3 months while the oil extracted through machine-pressed method can last for about 2 years.

Important Argan Oil Tidbits

  • A Pungent and Strong Nutty Smell can either mean that the oil has impurities, is expired or was stored incorrectly. A faint nutty smell is only normal.
  • The Texture and Colour! The oil should have a smooth texture and should show a yellow colour. Be careful when purchasing your bottle of this precious oil as there can be imitations out in the market. This is not far from reality as the oil is highly demanded for in almost all continents.
  • Quickly Absorbed If you have the high quality Argan oil, then it should seep down the skin quickly and should not leave an oily residue.

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