Things You Need to Know About DIY Hair Dyeing

If you’re planning to pull off dyeing your hair at home, you should read this first. There are plenty of people who have experience home hair dyeing horrors and most commonly because everything just went so bad, the only plausible solution is a shaved head. You sure would not want to put yourself in such a situation.

So before you dye your hair at home here are some things to consider and tips to keep in mind.

Ask yourself how committed you are to dyeing your hair. This is important since there are certain hair care measures you need to take when you are wearing dyed hair. Make sure that you are honest with your answer. After this you can move on to picking a formula. Make sure that you base your pick on your comfort level.

Your Choices in Dye Formulas

Semi-permanent dyes

Semi-permanent dyes last just as long as a spring break fling does. After around 10 shampoos, semi-permanent dyes are rinsed away completely therefore you won’t have to deal with wearing those unattractive roots that tell a tale of a past dyed hair. Semi-permanent dyes are best used for enhancing or increasing the depth of your current hair color. Don’t expect that you’ll see a drastic transformation with semi-permanent dyes.

Demi-permanent dyes

If you are gunning for something more serious, a demi-permanent dye is ideal. Demi-permanent dyes have low levels of ammonia making the dye stay on your hair a little longer. You can expect for it to fade out after around 25 washes. Demi-permanent dyes can give your hair a shade lighter tone or two shades darker. Your hair tone can also be changed by demi-permanent dyes. For example, if your hair color is somewhat medium brown, you can achieve a medium auburn hair tone with the help of a demi-permanent dye.

Permanent Dyes

If you really want a serious hair color change then you should go for permanent dyes. This type of dye can change the shade of your hair because of peroxide and ammonia. The color lasts until your hair grows out or you have it cut. If you are aiming for a more dramatic result, then permanent dyes are your best option.

How to pick the right hue

Here are a few things you need to know when picking which hue to go with. If you are looking to get the most natural effect, choose hues within three shades of your hair’s natural color. If you have some doubts, start with a lighter hue. If unfortunately, the shade is not right, it is best to go darker. If you want a drastic change, for example you have chestnut brown hair and you want to have a wheat blonde color, it is always best to go to a professional.

Consider Undertones

Yes, your hair has them too. You either have a warm or cool undertone. Undertones are revealed by the peroxide in hair dyes. Brunettes usually have warm undertones which is why many who have their hair dyed red have been surprised just how red their hair becomes especially when they went for a lighter red tone. If you are concerned that your locks will turn brassy, go for dyes that have cooler and ashier tones.

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