Beware When Shopping For Cosmeceuticals

Things You Should Know Before Buying Cosmeceuticals

We have been hearing about cosmeceuticals and probably you are already aware that this term is a combination of the words cosmetic and pharmaceuticals.

The United States holds the largest market for cosmeceuticals as of the moment but Europe is not too far behind. Because of the fact that many still want to hold on to their youthful look, the love for cosmeceutical products is quickly spreading all across the globe. Even with the economy crashing down in 2008, it has been noted that the skin care industry continued to keep growing and its consumerism did not suffer much rather still on a high note.

With the high popularity of cosmeceuticals, many are and may immediately be drawn to buying these products. Before you go ahead and buy cosmeceuticals there are certain things you should keep in mind.

Its Safety

In North America, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA and Health Canada do not strictly review cosmeceuticals. Some cosmeceutical companies have started claiming in their campaigns that the cosmeceutical products they have are better than Botox and most anti-aging products and procedures. It may be noteworthy that these companies were warned to tone down their advertising campaigns on such claims. When Botox was the newest fad in anti-aging, numerous middle-aged women and some even teenagers felt inclined to have Botox treatment. The Botox mania was due to many celebrities and reality TV shows endorsing the procedure. Most procedures are not that perfect and some found their new look even less unpleasant and undesirable. While cosmeceuticals are not as invasive as Botox treatment since they are only topical applications, one should remember that they do carry some risks. Should you have any allergic reaction on any cosmeceutical product that you are using, you should stop using the product. Most cosmeceutical companies actually offer refunds should an allergic reaction occurs.

Its Effectiveness

As with everything else, one should always try to find out as much as possible about any purchase. Don’t be swayed with advertisements and mania so easily. You should also be careful about claims of any product. Don’t buy a skin care or anti-aging product just because it says “Miracle Cream”. Truth be told, there aren’t any magical potion or shortcut in fighting skin aging. There are however preventive measures and certain products that can help. One should also note that protecting the skin requires dedication and a whole lot of discipline. Most cosmeceutical products designed to fight skin aging are laden with antioxidants. By fighting free radicals, which are the culprit of skin aging, they help maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

A Natural Alternative

Although cosmeceutical companies claim to use natural ingredients in manufacturing their products, one should note that these products are produced in laboratories. Nature has already provided us with beauty remedies. Argan oil for example is a natural extract of the Argan nuts. The beauty wonders of the oil come straight from Mother Nature. The oil is packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals, which are the main culprit of aging. The Argan oil also comes with nutrients with moisturizing properties and nutrients that help promote collagen production therefore effectively fighting skin aging.

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