When Do You Throw Out Beauty Products?

You found a favorite eyeshadow shade hidden at the back of your bathroom drawer. This scenario might sound like a perk to your day, but old and forgotten beauty products are problems in disguise. They can harbor germs that damage your skin or cause actual breakouts. Explore the world of beauty products and when to throw them out. There are insider tips that can help everyone.

1. The Dangers Of Expired Beauty Products

As time goes by, any beauty product loses its potency. Skin-replenishing, sunscreen-based and other products simply won’t have the strength to perform as advertised. There are other real dangers from expired beauty products too, including:

• Infections

• Rashes

• Acne breakouts

Allergic reactions to the contaminated products are also possible. Ideally, use the product well before its printed expiration date. You’ll be happier with the results and avoid any potential health hazards.

2. Look At The Box

As you buy the product, look at the retail packaging. You’ll see many printed numbers and letters on the exterior surface. Look for these particular symbols, such as:

• 3, 6, 9 or 12

• The letter “M” or “Y”

The numbers normally come before the letter, and this indication is referred to as the PAO. This period-after-opening notation tells you the number of months or years that a product is good for once open. In most cases, the number is matched with a month value instead of a year timeline.

3. Caps And Bases Hide Information

The retail packaging may not have the expiration date on it. Be sure to look at the product’s cap or base instead. Make a note of this PAO number, especially if it has a tendency to fade with time. Use these tricks to keep the date as fresh as possible, including:

• Writing it on the product’s side surface

• Making a note on your calendar

• Setting an alarm on your phone

4. The Visual Test

In reality, it’s always better to visually determine if a product has reached the end of its lifespan. Look for these telltale signs, such as:

• Ingredients separating

• Color changes

• Dry or oily consistency

Any significant change to the product means that it’s been compromised. Err on the side of caution by tossing it and buying a new one.

5. Make it Last

Beauty products can last until their expiration date with some help from you. Try these simple tricks to prolong your beauty investment, including:

• Storing the products in cool and dark areas

• Using clean hands to apply the substance

• Keeping the product tightly covered and sealed

• Stopping product placement in refrigerators

6. A Natural Alternative

A clever alternative to synthetic beauty products is natural oils. Argan oil is a pure substance that has an incredibly long shelf life. It also has many benefits for the skin and hair, such as:

• Hydration

• Cell generation

• High-nutrient content

Rub argan oil onto your skin or hair, and allow it to absorb into the tissues for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Have you ever used an expired beauty product? Did you have any dramatic issues with it? Share your story with other readers by writing in a comment.

Everyone can understand beauty-product care when firsthand accounts are part of the learning process. Be safe with a new product purchase, and toss out the old items.