Time and Money Saving Hairdos!

How much do you spend on haircuts, hair treatments and hair styling products in a year? If you add all of them up, you’d probably arrive at a considerable amount. And if you add up the time you spend every morning in styling your hair for a year, you may think that you’ve spent too much time for this task.

If you’re among the busy women who are always on the go, styling your hair every morning can be a hassle. Here are certain hairdos that would not only save you time but also money!

Budget-Friendly Hairdo
Layers have this magic effect on hair, making them look longer than they really are and quite pulled together. You won’t have to spend money getting a trim even for months! Now that is definitely a big money saver!

Low Maintenance Hairstyle
If you want a style that you would not have a big fuss maintaining, you should go with any of the following dos:

  • Sport your locks in shoulder length or longer.
  • Have them in mid-length layers to the tips.
  • Have your bangs long or skip the bangs altogether.
  • Wear your hair straight or with that wavy texture.

With any one of these hairdos, you won’t have to get a trim every 6 weeks. You might think that a trim this often is not that much but if you add up the cost in a year, you’d be surprised that you rack up a $400 cost. That’s a lot of money. With any of the low-maintenance hairstyles we mentioned, you’ll probably need to go for a trim after 4 or 6 months.

Styling and Moroccan Argan Oil
You don’t need to make a big fuss on caring for these styles as well as a little loving from Moroccan Argan oil would have you covered. Packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Sterols and other hair loving nutrients, your hair would be silky smooth, strong and protected from the damaging effects of free radicals! Just apply the oil as a regular conditioner or use it as a deep conditioner by massaging unto hair and scalp and letting it soak overnight with a warm towel wrapped on your head.

Wash and Go Curls
If you have waves and curls, you can pull off this easy-wash and go curls do. To get this do ask your stylist to cut your hair with long layers and make sure that they don’t end up stacking into nothing but a pyramid with a puff. If you’re in the hands of a good stylist, he or she would know that blunt lines should be avoided. For the layers to come out soft and seamless, a razor would be ideal. Styling this do is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you need to do is coat your strands from roots to ends with a styling cream and scrunch your hair strands in the palm of your hands.

These hairdos are definitely for the women-on-the-go! Spread these styles with your Like and Share!

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