Foot Massage Helps Our Feet De-Stress

Tips for a Happy Feet!

The feet, although very useful, often don’t get much attention and the tender love and caring they deserve.

Under Pressure!
On average we take about more than 8,000 steps everyday and for the feet this means having to sustain about 127,000 pounds of pressure. Now that’s a lot of pressure. Although you don’t hear them, they may just be very well screaming and singing out loud Queen’s Under Pressure song! And if you’re the busy type, always on the move and always rushing, you’re feet, toes and toenails are in for a lot of pressure.

Relieving Pressure
You don’t have to go to a salon and treat your feet to a pedicure daily to make your feet happy. There are simple ways to help relieve pain and pressure and treat your feet and toenails with some pampering!

  • Shoes Off!
    Once you get home, immediately remove your shoes! This will help your feet breathe. After spending almost all day inside your shoes, your feet would start feeling painful. Help ease pain by simply taking off your shoes. High-heeled shoes especially put a lot of pressure on your feet as they put much of your boy weight on your toes since your heels don’t have a solid connection with the ground.
  • Soak ‘Em Up
    After giving your feet a few minutes to an hour of breathing, give it a warm foot soak. You may just pour warm water and a few drops of Argan oil in a tub and let the feet soak for a few minutes. The warm water brings a relaxing sensation to your feet while the Argan oil helps ease tired and tight muscles because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The oil also offers moisturising benefits to the cuticles and nails. Vitamin E in the oil will also help strengthen the nails.
  • Get Rid of Heel Pain
    All that hurried steps can give you heel pain especially if you’re wearing high-heeled shoes. To relieve the pain, use a step of your stairs and stand on its edge. Drop your heels and hold that pose for a minute.
  • Apply Foot Mask
    If you’re feet feel sore, relieve that ouch feeling by applying a foot mask with ginger or peppermint in its ingredients. These two ingredients are known to stimulate the skin therefore allowing blood to circulate freely.
  • Get Rid of Sweaty Soles
    Sweat can make your feet a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria which can lead to athlete’s foot and other infections. There are antiperspirant foot powders that your can use as well as creams formulated to prevent and freshen up sweaty soles. You may also soak your feet in warm water with baking soda at least thrice a week so you can control the sweating of your feet.
  • Trim Toenails
    Ingrown nails can be really painful. Avoid the pain and discomfort by trimming the toenails straight across. Remember to never trim off too much of your nails. Too short toenails can also be very painful.

Let your feet be free of pain! Share these tips!


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