Tips for Growing Your Fingernails

Why does having beautiful looking nails so important? Basically the reasons boil down to 2 things – added appeal and hygiene. Let’s face it, beautiful nails give that added appeal to a person. A man or a woman with good nails makes him or her more credible and clean nails are just better for one’s health. These two reasons for growing nails should always go hand in hand. Because no matter how long and strong your nails are, if they are not well kept and clean then that added appeal and hygiene will still be elusive. Let us then look into different ways on how to properly grow your fingernails.


First off, know that growing nails is not always easy. Nails will not grow instantly and quickly so being patient is vital. If you have damaged nails, it might take a little bit more time than normal to grow your nails, so be even more patient. Whatever you do though, avoid using fake nails. The adhesive and harsh solutions being applied to nails will deter its growth even more.


Cutting nails regularly and evenly will help to make nails grow healthy. Follow the natural curve of your nails when cutting them. When cutting the nails on your hands, a curved shape is always healthier. Not only does it look smoother and cleaner, but it actually helps you to protect your nails from breaking and snagging. Nails on your toes on the other hand should be shaped into squares because this shape will allow you to avoid ingrown toenails.


Regularly clean your nails. This will help keep nails and body healthy. You see, you nails may become a vehicle for different bacteria and sickness could be caused by your dirty nails. Infection could also come from them. Touching a wound with dirty nails, scratching your back, licking your fingers and nails – these could be serious ways on how different elements enter your body and your system. That is why keeping your nails clean are very important. Teach children this valuable lesson early on in their lives especially because they are the ones that love to put their fingers inside their mouth. A healthy body will help to make growing nails a lot easier.


Yes there is a way for your to keep you skin moisturized with nutrients. Using an oil that comes all the way from Morocco will give your nails vitamins and nutrients that normally is difficult for the body to produce and get. This natural oil is called argan oil. It is filled with vitamin E and different antioxidants that help to make the nails grow faster and stronger. This is important as the longer the nails get, the more it is vulnerable to breaking. A few drops of argan oil massaged onto the nails will help to keep nails the way you would want them to be – beautiful and long.

Growing your nails is uncomplicated with these trouble-free tips.

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