Tips for Winter Skin Care

When the winter winds start to blow, one will always have skin problems if no additional skin care is done. These cold winter months will definitely bring a toll to skin and body. Skin will be prone to drying, chapping, and scaling. Skin on your hands, feet, legs, arms, and face would be most prone to various skin problems. So what should you do during these cold winter months? Should you just take the cold and face skin problems head on? Or should you prepare for winter and help your skin fight the incoming skin problems? If you choose the latter solution then you’re on your way to the right path. Here are some tips on how you can effectively care for your skin during winter.

You still need your sunscreen

Most would make the mistake of not wearing sunscreen during winter. Remember, even with cold winds the sun still shines and can still damage your skin. So even if you’re wearing thick clothing your face and maybe even your hands would be prone to sunburn. Keep your sunscreen on even during cold months.

Remember to give time to moisturize

As weather conditions change it is but normal for you to change the moisturizer you are using during summer. Winter time would have a different type of blowing winds and the atmosphere is certainly different. It would be wise to switch to an oil based moisturizer for this season. Oil based moisturizers will lock in moisture more effectively, perfect for winter. Try using argan oil during winter. An oil that comes all the way from the southwestern portions of Morocco, argan oil will definitely protect your skin from the cold. Good for the face and the rest of the body, argan oil will nourish and moisturize. Use argan oil to give your skin vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Change socks and gloves often

It is vital to change your socks and gloves often. Especially when these garments are wet you should immediately change them. Wet socks and gloves could cause irritation, itching, and sores on your skin. So remember to always keep them dry and clean.

Avoid bathing in hot water

Remember to bathe in warm water and not hot water. It may feel good to step onto a hot shower after a long cold day but this will do harm to your skin. This would cause for skin to become dry and the moisture will be taken out from the skin. As you shower in a hot bath, the lipids on your skin break down causing for moisture to be lost. It would then be best to stick with warm showers during winter time.

It pays to nourish your skin from the inside

Looking into your diet and your lifestyle will help to further care for your skin during winter. Take more of the healthy foods like fruits and vegetables instead of the not so healthy ones. Look into getting enough exercise and a good night’s rest for better skin conditions.

The skin is essential in every human being. So regardless of season, you should always take time to care for your skin.

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