Tired of Chips, Smudges and Flakes on Your Mani?

Nail Care And Beautifying Is Important

Some women just love wearing colours on their nails. Some are even not too keen on wearing “naked nails”! Nail polish comes in different colours and many women love wearing different styles and colours on their nails. Although nails are tiny canvasses, its small size has not stopped the artistic minds from being creative on a grand scale!

The only major complaint that most women have on nail polish is that they actually don’t last that long. A day or two is the lifespan of nail polish on nails. Chipping can happen on the second day that you have worn your new nail style. But this fact has not stopped women from spending on manicures and pedicures.

There are some women though who have become their own manicurist and pedicurist just so they can save up on their nail polishing and styling indulgence. Being your own manicurist and pedicurist on casual days is quite fine but when a big event or an occasion comes along, most of us would head out to our favourite salons to have our nails professionally styled.

It can be heartbreaking to see the money that we paid for a mani or pedi down the drain after just a day or two. If you would want your mani and pedi to last longer here are your options.

  • Opt for the CND Shellac – This is hailed as a miracle in manicure by many women who have tried this. Your manicure can last up tp 3 full weeks without the chipping, smudging or flaking. Opting for this means that you would need to pay more than what your regular mani costs. This is exclusive to participating nail salons so you would need to find one in order to get this.The only downside to this is that when your nails start to grow, you would see the demarcation line. Getting rid of the CND Shellac on your own can also be a tedious process. If you have no problem with using an at-home kit and wrapping your nails in acetone-soaked cotton pad, then you go ahead and remove it on your own. Otherwise, just have it removed in a nail salon.
  • Opt for a Gel Manicure – You have two choices in the gel manicure. You can opt for the hard version or the soft version. If you want to extend your nails or strengthen the natural bed of your nails then get the hard gel. You must keep in mind that the hard gel version is also a pain to apply and remove.The soft gel version comes in many colours. If you want your mani to last for about 14 days then you can go for this version. Although you would have to keep in mind that the process of removing this can be tedious and damaging to your nails.

With all the styling you put your nail to, you would need to strengthen and nourish them. You can coat each of your nails with Argan oil before going to bed and leave them soaking overnight. Argan oil contains nutrients that strengthen and nourish nails.

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