To Have or Not to Have a Facial?

Getting A Facial Mask From Time To Time Helps Your Skin Achieve A Better Glow

Before I had my very first facial, I never saw the need for one. After my first though, I seem to notice my face needing it more and more. Some of the older, more conservative women in the family say it’s because I never should have had my faced pricked in the first place.

Now, I’ve opened up my face for more dirt, meaning for more facials as well. Others against facials also insist if you feel pain, then it’s not a good thing. When I think of facials, there’s only one word to describe it, painful! Like many of you, I am still uncertain of where I am in the whole yes to facial, no to facial debate.

To help us decide though, here are a list of things estheticians say they never tell their clients.


Yes, facials are not only painful. Some can even leave your face scarred. Estheticians admit some of them are not thoroughly trained to determine what methods should be or should not be done on a certain skin type. They explain there are, indeed, scar-inducing procedures that some certain skin types cannot tolerate.

Do It at Home

While no esthetician would say you can do what they do at home, they admit though that you can minimize your visits to their clinics if you have the proper tools, knowledge and skin care products at home. One tip is to massage your face regularly just like what estheticians do to improve blood circulation in the face. Fresh blood on your face’s skin nourishes cells and helps in the turnover of new cells.

Also, complement your DIY facial with a great skin care routine that you will follow religiously. One product that could be a great addition to your routine is Argan oil. Argan oil had been getting a lot of media attention lately for its skin benefits. Packed with essential fatty acids, Sterols, Vitamin E, Carotenoids and other antioxidants, the oil keeps the skin moisturised, youthful and protected!

Not Trained to Pop Pimples

Most schools, they admit, do not teach extraction or pimple popping. It’s up to estheticians to learn this procedure on their own.

No Need for Peel

Some women love diamond peel as part of their facial sessions. Estheticians, however, admit this is an unnecessary procedure especially for women with sensitive skin

No Immediate Results

Unlike botox or injections, facials will not yield immediate results. Don’t worry though because estheticians say most of their clients who regularly visit for a facial aged more gracefully than others.