Top 3 Bad-for-the-skin Habits and How to Break Them

Avoid Unhealthy Skin Habits

In the quest for beauty, women are driven to many acts on their skin and a great deal of time and money are spent on skin care. Unfortunately, bad habits undermine these efforts. Read on to find out what these bad-for-the-skin habits are and how to break them.

Bad for the Skin Habit 1. Popping pimples

Did you just squeeze that zit? You couldn’t stand looking at that red, angry pimple on your face and you just had to pop it. Incidentally, popping pimples is one of the worst habits that make dermatologists cringe in horror. Picking pimples can cause your skin to become open to bacterial infection and the zit becomes more inflamed and red making your acne worse. Picked pimples take longer to heal, leaving behind brown spots and deep scars.

How do you break the habit?

  • Never pop any of your pimples. Resist the temptation
  • Apply a warm compress on your face to relieve the inflamed areas.
  • Keep your face clean and moisturized all the time.
  • Use Argan oil to moisturize your facial skin. This oil is natural extract of the Argan tree thus not having harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your skin. This oil is rich in nutrients that can help reduce inflammation and relieve skin from irritations.

Bad for the Skin Habit 2. Harsh facial scrubs and foams

Do you think that you are helping out your skin when you use facial scrubs, especially when used daily? While scrubbing helps you get rid of the dead and dry skin cells on your face, scrubbing daily with harsh and abrasive scrubs can strip off the skin of its natural oils and actually cause irritation. Some scrubs contain sharp and uneven shells and husks which can irritate and damage skin.

The same is true for facial foams. Some facial foams remove too much oil from your face prompting your skin to produce more as a counter reaction thus leaving you with a much oilier face than when you started.

How do you break the habit?

  • Exfoliate once or twice a week only, not every day.
  • Opt to use gentle exfoliating scrubs or better yet make your own using brown sugar and Argan oil. Brown sugar is gentle and will not harshly abrade your skin while the oil from Morocco provides moisturizing and nourishing to your skin.
  • Before buying any skin care product, read the label and check if there are harsh chemicals that can cause skin damage.

Bad for the Skin Habit 3. Smoking

Are you aware that smoking reduces your life expectancy by 10-12 years or that smoking causes cancer and other diseases? Are you also aware that it contributes to premature aging, formation of wrinkles skin sagging? Smoking can also lead to dull skin.

Smoking breaks down collagen and elastin. It prevents efficient oxygen and nutrient distribution all throughout the body. This is because smoking constricts your blood vessels. Your skin will lose elasticity and wrinkles will start to form. Dryness will set in and before you know it, you look 10 years older.

How do you break the habit?

  • Think of the consequences. That should be more than enough reason to stop you from lighting up
  • Talk to your doctor how to stop the habit.

Some habits are damaging to the skin and you may not fully understand just how bad its effects are. Break off these habits if you are serious about having gorgeous and healthy skin.

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