Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Own Nails

Admit it! You love going to the salon and have your nails done by professionals. What bliss it is to sit back and relax while you let the pros knead, trim, buff and polish. You wish your session will go on forever. Have you ever wondered if your salon sessions are worth every penny you spend? Are you getting your money’s worth with all those basic and extra fees these salons charge on their services? These questions and more are lurking at the back of your mind even as you ponder another trip to have your manicure and pedicure done. Truth be told, cost is not the only thing that you should concern yourself with. Cleanliness, quality of products and professional expertise are just some of the things that you should consider before you call for that next appointment.

Reasons Why You should Do Your Mani-pedi at Home

  • Risk of infection – Unfortunately, the risk of infection lurks behind every salon you visit. Anyone who visits the salon is at risk of nail fungus, infection or even HIV. No one gets turned away even if they have coughs, colds and other diseases. Unsuspecting clients can get infected without even knowing about it, until the symptoms manifest. You can get infected from the technicians especially when they fail to wash their hands after each client.
  • Sanitation Practices – You can get infected from the instruments that the technicians use on you. Although there are regulations on the correct way of disinfecting instruments, there is no way that anyone can verify if an instrument has been properly sterilized without watching the whole process.Some salons use ineffective sanitizing solutions because of rising costs. Not all sanitizing solutions are effective against killing bacteria, especially when the wrong dilution is used. Unless an autoclave or a sterilizer is used, you are not assured that the tools they will use on you are properly sanitized.
  • Quality of productsDue to rising costs, some salons are believed to dilute their nail polish to extend its use, especially old bottles or less popular colors. Diluted nail polish can chip easily when applied on your nails. Another product that can be “extended” is the lotion they use on you. Some salons will claim a good quality brand but they may be refilling the bottles of expensive product with a cheaper brand.
  • Skip the salon and do your own manicureWhy subject yourself to all these stresses when you can do your manicure in the safety of your home. Get yourself a manicure kit and learn to do your own nails. With practice and some extra pampering, you will develop your technique and give yourself salon quality manicured nails.
Experts preach that the key to a great manicure is strong and healthy nails. Establish a good nail care routine that includes keeping your nails clean and moisturized to prevent them from becoming cracked and brittle. Daily application of Argan oil on your nails and the area around your nails can help keep them strong and beautiful.