Top 5 Shaving Tips for Women

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No one likes to shave. It is time consuming, messy, and often painful. In addition, razors are expensive and do not last long enough. Luckily for you, we have uncovered the top shaving tricks to turn your skin silky and stubble free.

1. Never Shave Cold Skin

Goose bumps on cold skin are an immediate no-no. You will find yourself shaving the small bumps on your skin. This leads to small cuts and razor burn.

Even if skin does not have bumps caused by cold air, warmer skin is shaved with more precision. Use warm water to plump and smooth skin. This makes the hair, and not the skin, easier to cut.

2. Shave With Hair Growth

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is important to shave with, not against, hair growth. Shaving against the direction of hair growth can cause ingrown hairs that are uncomfortable and unsightly.

After warming skin, apply a pre-shaving treatment, if desired. Those with sensitive skin may choose to only use warm water when shaving. Others may wish to use a light oil or cream to soothe skin prior to the irritation that can be caused by shaving.

Next, use a fresh, sharp razor to shave with the direction of hair growth. One or two movements with the razor should be sufficient, though it is sometimes necessary to move lightly against the direction of hair growth to remove errant hairs that grow in opposite directions.

3. Use Argan Oil Post-Shave

Argan oil protects skin by soothing, healing and promoting the skin’s natural oil production. Immediately after shaving and rinsing skin, warm a few drops of argan oil in your hands. Rub the argan oil onto the shaved area in a circular motion for the most thorough application.

Adding argan oil to your shaving routine lessens the risk of razor burn and helps to heal any small cut. It also helps to make your skin feel silky smooth. Argan oil also softens new hair follicles. When stubble grows in, it will be less coarse.

Unlike many over-the-counter aftershave lotions, argan oil is safe enough to use on the face, underarms and bikini area.

Argan Oil Is A Mysterious Oil From Morocco

4. Make Razors Last Longer

One of the primary reasons women suffer when shaving is because they are aware of the high expense of replacing razors. There is a simple way to keep razors sharp so they can last two to three times as long.

Keep a simple piece of denim near your shower or in the spot where you keep your razors. After shaving, clean your razor with water. Next, run the razor against the grain of the denim six or seven times. This will keep the razor clean and sharp for multiple uses.

If you repeatedly use the same razor you should keep it very clean so as not to introduce fungus, bacteria or rust to newly shaved skin. After sharpening your razor, clean it with isopropyl alcohol or witch hazel and store in a clean, dry place.

5. Never, Ever Share

Sharing a razor with another person is a recipe for disaster. Razors should belong to one person only so as not to double up on the number of germs that are transferred from one person to the next.

If you live with another person, be sure to keep your razors separate. If you believe that your roommate or significant other may have used your razor, thoroughly clean it with isopropyl alcohol and very hot water.

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