Top 5 Things That Are Making You Gain Weight

You have always hated being overweight. Maybe you have tried every single diet program that came out and probably starved yourself at some point but you haven’t reached your target weight yet. You feel you are ready to give up the fight and just accept the fact that you are overweight and therefore cannot ever wear that two-piece bikini you have in your closet for more than a year now. Weight loss has become an unreachable dream.

Before anything else, you have to understand that it’s not just food that is making you fat. It’s a whole gamut of things that makes you want to eat more thus you gain weight in the process. By learning about the things that are making you gain unhealthy weight, you have a better chance of beating that stubborn extra weight you seem to have a hard time shedding. Read on and find out what the top 5 things that are making you fat.

  1. Lack of SleepIt is an unfortunate fact that lack of sleep can cause people to pack on extra pounds. Researchers have found out that people who lack sleep consume about 300 more calories a day than those who are well-rested. More than that, lack in sleep can cause your metabolism to slow down and conserve energy triggering the release of Cortisol, a hormone that increases appetite. The signal sent to the brain is that your body needs more energy, thus you tend to eat more food.
  2. StressStress steps up your body’s production of cortisol and insulin which increases your appetite. This explains why your body craves sweets and other high calorie foods when under chronic stress. Your brain recognizes that your reward in the form of food eases your stress and when you are feeling stressed again, you will want to reach for the same food over and over. Instead of desert, combat your stress by enrolling in a stress management program or take up a hobby.
  3. TemperatureIf you are trying to lose weight, you might want to consider turning down the thermostat. When you are cold, your body shivers and when it does, your muscles contract and burns calories. Even when you are not shivering, the cold activates the brown fats that work like a furnace, burn calories and keep you warm. Let your body’s brown fats work for you and help you to lose weight.
  4. Lack of activitySo what if you are not athletic. You can still engage in activities that will help you lose weight even if you are the bookish type. Get up and walk around your home or office for five minutes several times a day. Walk up and down the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Get off from your bus one stop ahead and walk the rest of the way. Wash your floor and a couple of windows or scrub your bathroom tiles at least once a week to burn off calories.
  5. Unhealthy eatingYou wonder why you have not lost weight significantly even when you’ve followed several diet programs already and cut back on your eating. The answer can be because you are probably eating the wrong food. Pack your diet with fruits and vegetables instead of high-sugar and high-carbohydrate meals. Use herb spices, hot sauce or fresh salsa to flavor your food instead of butter, cream and sugary sauces. Fill up your dishes with vegetables and use less meat or less pasta to lower the calories.

    Use healthy oils for drizzles on your dishes. Oils that are high in unsaturated fats are healthy for your heart and your waistline. Argan oil is one example of healthy oil rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids that helps in lowering cholesterol and fats in your body.

We are programmed to think that being overweight is a result of eating too much and the solution is to cut back on eating. However, there are other things that make us gain too much weight and certainly there are obstacles to our weight loss. Knowing what these things are will make our quest of losing weight easier and healthier.

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