Top Secrets for Fabulous Summer Feet

Why does pampering the feet and making it look good any important? Because grooming and taking care of your feet promotes not just good foot hygiene, contributes to your foot health, and most importantly, contributes to your overall health. One of the best ways to keep your feet clean and healthy is through pedicures. You can do pedicures yourself or have a professional do it for you. Either way, a pedicure helps keep the feet beautiful. Before any pedicures though, one must always know if he or she is diabetic or has poor circulation on the feet. If so, one should first consult with a podiatrist to have a customized pedicure procedure made.


  • Make sure you have clean equipment before doing your pedicure. For professional pedicures, morning sessions are always the best as this is when their foot bath equipment are cleanest. Otherwise, ensure that your salon cleans their equipment thoroughly after every client.
  • Bringing your own pedicure tools to the salon will help keep unwanted bacteria and fungus away. Both bacteria and fungus easily pass on from one person to another and bringing your own tools will help avoid that.
  • Pumice stones, foot files, and exfoliating scrubs are very helpful in removing thick calluses on the heel and different parts of the feet. Soaking one’s feet in warm water and then exfoliating will help remove the hard, thick, dead skin build up.
  • Cutting your toe nails straight using a straight edged clipper will help avoid ingrown. So make sure to cut your toe nails straight!
  • Emery boards are great in keeping nail edges smooth. Use the board in filing lightly going to one direction.
  • Make sure to clean under the nails. Using a wooden or rubber manicure stick will do the trick. Remove dirt carefully as not to damage the skin under the nails.
  • Keep your toenails moisturized. Use natural oils like argan oil to keep both nails and cuticles beautiful and healthy. Argan oil is all natural therefore safe for all nail types. No added chemicals or harmful solutions are found in this oil, just pure goodness. Rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil is one of the best natural moisturizers in the market.


  • Avoid keeping the toes wet. Especially in between the toes, one should always keep them dry. Moisture between the toes is the perfect home for developing athlete’s foot and fungal infections.
  • Do not cut your toe nails with round edges. As mentioned earlier, rounded toenails could cause painful ingrown in the nails.
  • Do not use foot razors in removing dead skin on your feet. These are very sharp and could easily cut your skin, making skin vulnerable to various infections and bacteria.

With these easy tips, your feet are sure to look fabulous all summer long. Keep your toes, your feet, and your whole body healthy this summer! Have fun!

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