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For people who take the time to take care of their skin, they know who to listen to for advice— their dermatologists. In case you’re only starting to take your beauty habits seriously and would want to catch up, here are the top 5 tips dermatologists advise their patients.

  1. Moisturise Daily – There is a reason why you’re supposed to lather up on your favorite lotion right after bath. The reason is to lock in moisture. Moisture is important to keep the skin soft and looking young. You may be taking this for granted now but wait ’til you reach the age when wrinkles are starting to be a concern.A dry skin exacerbates the appearance of wrinkles. There are a number of moisturizers in the market today but many dermatologists recommend the use of organic products like Argan oil. This miracle oil from Morocco will not only moisturize your skin, it will also protect it from environmental damage. The use of products with harsh chemicals can result in an increase in the number of free radicals that attack cells and therefore hasten aging. The great thing about Argan oil is that it comes without any harsh chemical.
  2. Apply Sunscreen – After moisturizing, make sure you lather up on sunscreen too. This is the only way to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Check if your sunscreen is at least SPF 30. It should also be broad spectrum as your skin needs to be protected from both the UVA and UVB rays.
  3. Do Not Use Tanning Beds – The reason we advise you not to go out without sunscreen is to protect you from UV rays that damage the skin and even cause cancer. Using tanning beds is like exposing yourself to the sun’s damaging rays. Use tanning lotions instead, and together with your sunscreen if you want to sport that bronze glow. It’s the safest way to get that beautiful tan without risking your health.
  4. Use Conditioner Daily – Some of you may be too busy to use conditioner but dermatologists advise that you make the time to do this regularly right after shampoo. You can also pamper your hair regularly with aromatherapy oils that promote hair growth. Argan oil, for instance, is packed with Vitamin E that does exactly that and more.
  5. Eat Healthy, Live Right – Eating healthy is the key to a beautiful skin and hair. The nutrients that your skin and hair need are already in food so you just need to eat the right ones to get optimal results. Eating healthy also means living right. No amount of healthy food can compensate for the toxins you inhale every time you smoke a cigarette. Drinking alcohol excessively is also as bad since it dehydrates your body. Water is vital so our body’s systems will function properly.

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