Transform Your Look Without the Shears!

When you want to sport a new look, you would probably get a new hair cut. But did you know that you can get a new look without the shears? You read that right! How? Change how you part your hair and voila, you have a new look!

Before we go on further with hair parting, be sure to keep your hair healthy first. Use Argan oil on your hair regularly so you’ll have beautiful hair no matter what!

Most of us have a natural way of parting our hair and for the most part, we stick to such way of parting. But did you ever consider of parting your hair in a different way?

Why not experiment with different ways of parting your hair? By doing this you would get the chance to know which hair parting will give you that angle that highlights your best features. The fun part about trying out new ways of parting your hair is you’ll see your look transform instantly!

Here are some tips to make your quest for the perfect hair part easier!

For Heart-Shaped Faces

The ideal part for heart-shaped faces with long mane would be the middle hair part but for those with short hair or those with quite a lot of layers around theface, the side part would be the more ideal option. This is because heart-shaped faces tend to have a wider cheek area. By doing a side part when you have tons of layers around the face or when you have a short do, your hair would be covering the forehead and the cheek areas therefore creating an illusion of a thinner face.

For Round-Shaped Faces

The best part would be a deep side part to highlight the strongest side of your face. A deep side part will make the shape of your face longer therefore creating a balance in your features. The first thing you need to do is find out first which side of your face has that strongest pull. It’s quite easy to actually find out which one is strongest (or in this case stronger than the other). Just get a blank piece of paper or anything that you can cover half of your face with and look in front of the mirror. Then switch the cover to the other side. Which of the two sides do you prefer? Whichever is your answer is the strongest!

For Square-Shaped Faces

Your best pick in hair parting would be one that would create a softening effect on your forehead and jawline. And this would be a deep side part as this will allow your hair to fall diagonally across your face and also hide those harsher angles of your face. This will give that illusion of a rounded oval shape. In doing the deep side part, it is best to start right above where your eyebrows arch!

The Oval-Shaped Faces

Otherwise known as the luckiest of them all when it comes to hair parting. Oval-shaped faces will look great in any part, whichever side, whichever way and whichever style! So if you have an oval-shaped face, give everything a try and sport a new look every so often!

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