Travel Checklist for Your Holiday Getaways!

Planning to fly off to another place for the holidays? In all that holiday excitement, you may forget to pack or bring along with you some important things. Many of us know that packing for a flight can be a bit tricky. We want to go light as much as we can but there seem to be so many things we think we need to bring along. Then there’s that nagging feeling of having forgotten to pack something important.

Another matter you need to arrange is your ride out of the airport to your hotel or residence for your holiday. It is best to have a travel essential checklist so you ensure a comfortable holiday travel and avoid stressing out.

Ideal Travel Checklist

  • Roomy Carry-On Bag
    You should have a carry-on bag that is efficient. Be sure to choose a bag that is spacious yet small enough for it to go in the overhead cabinet. Once you have such a carry-on bag, you will have an easier time packing. List down all your travel must-haves too.
  • Your Plane Outfit: Choose Bulky
    You can save up a lot of space in your luggage or suitcase when you wear your bulkiest or heaviest clothes and pair of shoes on your plane ride. If you know that your flight would be chilly, wearing bulky clothes will keep you warm. You’ll also avoid having to pay for excess weight on your checked-in luggage.
  • Headphones to Block Out Noise
    Get some relaxing snooze by carrying with you earphones or headphones with noise cancelling mechanism. Don’t let the nonstop wailing of babies, all that chattering and other annoying sounds ruin your flight.
  • Choose a Window Seat
    If you are more comfortable being on the window seat, then it would be best to book a window seat. It may cost you more but at least you would be more comfortable. Plus if you’re in for a long flight, at least you can lean your head into the window and get some sleep.
  • Check Airline Websites
    If you have already set a travel date for your holiday, then start checking websites of airlines. You can usually find discounts on air fare online. So go on and scout for airline promos and book ahead your flight and return flight.
  • Ride Out of the Airport
    It is best to arrange a ride out of the airport. This way you won’t have to line up at the cab lane and wait. It is also more ideal to ask your ride to pick you at the ticketing or check-in part of the airport as the arrival area is usually packed with people.
  • Set an Alarm
    This is especially if you have an early flight. You may want to set two alarms at least 5 minutes apart to make sure that you get to your flight on time. If you’re staying in a hotel before your flight arrange a wake-up call with the hotel’s front desk.

Have a comfortable holiday flight with these tips. Share them to your loved ones through Facebook, Twitter or email!

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