Moderately Drinking Beer Has Its Benefits

Treat Dandruff the Beer Way!

I am not a beer person. I’d rather have a shot of something than spend the next 15 to 30 minutes trying to finish a bottle of bitter beer. Don’t get me wrong! Shots taste awful too but at least I get high in just one (excruciating) gulp.

There’s one good thing that I could say about beer though. Did you know that it’s one of the best natural treatments for dandruff? Yes, you read that right! The alcohol that has been responsible for some of the best parties of your life is actually good for your scalp and hair.

A Bucket Please!

This is only good for one round at a party but at home as a dandruff treatment, a bucket of beer can be good for a week. Beer is loaded with Vitamin B and yeast. Rinse your hair every night with one bottle and notice those embarrassing flakes disappear in just a few days. That’s not the only thing that you’ll notice as well.

After a week of beer treatments, your hair will also look incredibly shiny. What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle now. It’s happy hour! Oh, one more thing…the scent of beer usually lingers for a while so better treat your hair with it at night so you’ll have another chance to rinse it again in the morning before you go about your business for the day.

There are other oh-my-gosh-it-can-treat-dandruff products in your kitchen other than beer. Here’s the list in case you can’t take even just the smell of beer.


I’m not really sure what smells better…a beer- treated hair or vinegar- treated one. But in case you hate beer that much then another natural way to treat dandruff is vinegar. Rinsing your hair with this can make your hair shinier and dandruff free over time. All you need to do is add a half cup of vinegar during your final shampoo wash and leave overnight. Rinse it off the following morning.

Beet Juice

Surprised? I was too. Just boil beet in water. Use the water mixture as treatment. Rub it on scalp and that’s it. If you’re blonde, better use white beet for this treatment unless you want a splash of red on your hair. If you’re a brunette, red beets will give your hair a burgundy boost!

Moroccan Argan Oil

For all the effects of these natural dandruff treatments to last, prevention is key. One good way to prevent this hair condition is by treating your hair regularly with Argan oil.

A dandruff-free scalp begins with a healthy scalp and hair. This miracle oil from Morocco will do just that. Packed with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, this liquid gold will nourish, revitalize, and protect both your scalp and hair. In case you’re suffering from dandruff already, complementing your treatments with this oil can help relieve dryness and itching.


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