Treat Your Hair With DIY Remedies

Women experience a variety of hair problems. This may be due to the harsh chemicals contained in almost all products, or it can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, or it can be even caused by stress or other health problems.

But these hair problems may not always be treated with products that still contain chemicals. As much as possible, it is better to make use of natural ingredients since they do not contain harmful components that further damage the hair.

Did you know that there are actually a number of do it yourself treatments that you can easily make at home? Just secure the necessary ingredients and follow the simple procedures in applying to your hair. Aside from the lack of harsh components, you can also save money because these treatments are far more cheaper than those in salons.

Here are several DIY hair treatments that you can use for some of the most common hair problems.

DIY Hair Treatments

  • For Dry Scalp
    Dry scalp can lead to itchy scalp and this condition can get quite embarrassing especially when you can’t control your scratching in public. But worry no more since there is an effective home remedy for this. You only need to squeeze enough amounts of lemon juice and combine it with a few drops of Argan oil. This mixture is then applied to scalp at least once a day.By frequent use, you will easily notice that the itchiness is relieved and best of all dryness is eliminated. The essential fatty acids present in the oil is responsible in hydrating the scalp as well as the hair. They also repair the damage brought about by dryness.
  • Oily Hair
    You can prevent oily hair by using shampoo everyday to clean your hair and remove buildup. Rinse thoroughly and avoid applying conditioner to your scalp. If you really need to condition, apply it on the hair itself and work your way to the tips.You can also rinse your hair using acidic solution like diluted vinegar or lemon juice. You can also make use of tea since it contains tannic acid which acts as an astringent, cutting down oil. After applying these ingredients, wash your hair with warm water.
  • For Maintaining Colored Hair
    To preserve the color of your hair, always wash it with cold water. You can combine about a cup of white vinegar and a half cup distilled water. To get rid of the vinegar’s strong smell, add a few drops of oil essence like lavender, to the mixture.
  • For Sun Damaged Hair
    The sun is one of the major causes of hair damage. Exposure to heat for long periods makes the hair frizzy and dry. You can relieve frizzy hair by mixing honey with fresh cream. This mixture is an amazing solution to reduce dryness of hair.Aside from this, you can also apply Argan oil to repair the damage. Just apply a few drops on your washed hair and leave it on for ten minutes or so. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water and you will be surprised as to how soft and smooth your mane has become.

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