Treating Toe Nail and Finger Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus Will Destroy The Nails And Must Be Exterminated

FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION: One of the most common nail problems, onychomycosis or Tinea Unguium but more popularly known as fungal nail infection affects an estimated 30 Million people in the United States alone.

Looking discolored and disfigured are the two most common effects of nail fungus. This infectious disease can affect both the finger and toe nails and can cause sufferers to hide their nails in shame.

Having a fungal nail infection is not a pleasant looking condition, thus the hiding. Toe nails are more commonly affected by this fungus though because fungus thrives on warm, damp, and dark environments. Wearing sweat covered socks is an ideal living condition for fungus and thriving and spreading here is easy for them.

As this infection is transferable, it can be spread from toe to toe, finger to finger, and person to person. That is why it is common for an individual to have all ten digits of the hands and even the feet affected by the fungus.

This is usually the time when most sufferers would seek medical consultation. Since lifestyle is a major factor in getting this infection, men are more common to get infected than women. Because men are more inclined to play sports, thus become sweaty in both feet and hands, more likely to share communal changing rooms, and more likely to care less about hygiene, men get fungal nail infection more.

Children on the other hand are less likely to get infected unless direct family members such as siblings or parents are also infected.

If you or someone you know is a fungal nail infection sufferer, do not worry because there are treatments available for this disease. Treatments range from pharmaceutical treatments to home remedies such as using argan oil.

Argan oil was discovered many years ago by Berber women or native women who live in Morocco. They have been using this oil that they take from the fruits of a tree that can only be found in their land to cure many ailments.

Discovered by Americans and Europeans just a few years ago, after careful studies, argan oil has been proven to be rich in various vitamins and nutrients that in fact help cure many diseases. Regular application of argan oil partnered with regular cleaning and a good diet will help treat infected nails.

A few drops of argan oil will go a long way. Just be patient with your nails, eat right, clean them regularly, and argan oil will do the rest.

Although having fungal nail infection is painful, it is not a life threatening condition. You will still be able to do daily activities with small changes though like maybe wearing closed shoes and gloves to avoid others from getting infected.

Otherwise, daily activities should still continue. If you suspect a fungal nail infection, quickly consult with a doctor and have the fungus treated right away. The earlier you catch the fungus, the easier it is to treat. Also, the earlier you treat the infection, the less chances for you to spread it.