Understanding Wrinkles And How To Treat Them


Wrinkles seem to appear out of nowhere, especially as you reach your 50s and beyond. These fine lines and folds appear because of physical movements, skin changes and other events during life. They come in all shapes and sizes so it’s critical to know which ones you might have as you learn about treatment options. Explore the different types of wrinkles, and how you can reduce their appearance with clever beauty treatments.

1. Folded Wrinkles

You may not be old enough to have folded wrinkles, but you remember them from when you visited with your grandparents. Skin seems to fold over around the eyes and mouth as old age sets in. The main culprit to these wrinkles is gravity.

You’re more prone to gravitational fold wrinkles when you have these characteristics, including:

• Lean body structure

• Thin skin

People with thicker skin have the physical structure to hold the skin in place as the years pass by.

2. Elastic Creases

Your skin has a lot of elasticity when you’re younger, but that collagen declines over time. This fact contributes to elastic creases. Fine lines on your face where the lips meet your chin can turn into wrinkles by simply moving your mouth in a particular shape over the years.

Avoid smoking and other habits that force your mouth into stressed positions. The skin will slowly adapt to these shapes, and creases or wrinkles will be the result.

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3. Crinkling Wrinkles

Do you furrow your brow a lot during thought or stressful situations? Look in the mirror, and you’ll see crinkling wrinkles developing in these areas. Calm down so that your face doesn’t show the signs of age too early on.

Consider sun protection to fend off these wrinkles too. Try these simple tips, including:

• Staying in the shade

• Wearing a hat

• Always wearing sunscreen

4. Dynamic Lines

Wrinkles that you can be proud of are the dynamic types. Crow’s feet, smile lines and other facial markings tell people that you’ve smiled or squinted in the sun over the years.

These fine lines give your face some character. It’s possible to smooth them out over time, but they will be part of your appearance as the senior years progress.

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5. Fixing Those Aging Lines

Use these tips to prevent and treat wrinkles today, such as:

• Choosing beauty products with retinol

• Wearing sunscreen every day

• Drinking ample amounts of water

• Concentrating on a rich, vitamin-C diet

Although aging can’t be avoided entirely, your skin can look years younger with daily care. Wear hats, get enough sleep and exercise in order to keep your entire body healthy and free from major wrinkling.

6. The Argan Oil Solution

A simple solution that many people choose for their wrinkle battle is argan oil. This essential oil can be dabbed or rubbed onto the face. Allowing it to soak in achieves several goals, including:

• Hydrating the skin

• Encouraging healthy skin through the addition of fatty acids and vitamins

• Antioxidant properties

Apply argan oil to your skin before any other beauty products. You only need a few drops to make a difference with those wrinkles.

How do you control the wrinkles on your skin? Everyone has their tips and tricks that help them feel younger. Share your stories in the comment section below. You might learn a few extra tips in the process.