Treating Your Feet Well This Summer

Summer is almost here! What does summer have every year? Well, a promise of fun in the sun of course! But the sun is not the only thing people are looking forward to when summer is right around the corner. Wearing sandals is another exciting event during summer time. Unfortunately though there are downsides to wearing sandals. Wearing sandals bring heel pain and foot cramps. The soles of these sandals are usually harder than shoes and walking around in them will cause simple to painful problems to your feet.


Not to worry though, summer can still be rewarding to you and your feet. Foot cramps and heel pain may be avoided with strengthening exercises and foot massages. Read up and learn how to correctly protect your feet.

  • Foot massages – revive your feet back to good health after a long day’s walk and give your feet a much needed massage. Massaging your feet is easy. Start off with putting a thin layer of argan oil on your feet. You may also use your lotion of choice. Now using your thumb, create long stroking motions. Add extra pressure on to the ball and also on the arch of the feet.
  • Strengthening exercises – simple exercises such as rolling your feet on a tennis or golf ball will help to revive your feet. Exercises strengthen and stretch foot muscles. Look into different foot exercises to keep your feet working well for you.
  • Pamper your feet – your feet need pampering just like your hair does. After a long day, rest your feet and lift them up for approximately 15 minutes. Bring them down and continue to rest the. Once your feet have been rested enough, treat your feet to a nice and relaxing foot soak. Nice foot soaks would include water (warm if possible), rosemary leaves, and a few drops of argan oil. Soak your feet until soreness and swelling subsides. You may also use different concoctions for your foot soak, add ingredients such as a tea bag, milk, or fruit juices.


Argan oil is a product that can help soothe your tired feet. A product that does not contain any harmful chemical, argan oil is pure and all natural. It is composed of nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, fatty acids, and different antioxidants that keep free radicals away. After a tiring day, your feet deserve some nourishment from argan oil.

Argan oil comes from Morocco where it has been used by the natives for many centuries. They have used this oil for a long time not because they had the oil tested and knew its components but because they felt good results. Using argan oil to massage their feet and different parts of their body is one of the main purposes of this oil in Morocco.

The summer sun and wearing sandals need not be painful for your feet. With the few yet important tips discussed above, you are sure to enjoy this summer season!

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