Hair Colors Can Add Life To Your Hair And Make You Look Youthful And Trendy

Trendy Hair Colours for Autumn

Autumn is often a great time to reevaluate your personal fashion style, and this includes the current state and colour of your hair. Are you digging your current do? Or do you fancy something a bit more suited to the fall season? Here are a few hot hair colours to choose from.

Fall Hot Hair Colours

Honeyed tresses

Honey blonde is just a shade darker than the regular blonde shade, like Nicole Richie’s current hair colour. Honey blonde provides more depth to your volume with darker hues mixed in with lighter blonde streaks. For this look, you’ll need hair color kits labeled “medium honey blonde”, though whether you want a darker or lighter shade of honey is entirely up to you.

Butter blonde

So maybe you want a change from the same blonde shade you’ve always had, but don’t want to stray too far from your natural hair color. Go for buttery blonde hair shades. It’s a bit lighter than most blonde colours, much closer to Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively’s present do. Hair color kits labeled “honey blonde” or “light buttery blonde” will do just the trick.

Strawberry gold

Redheads have often had a special place in the hair fashion industry. Strawberry gold sets you apart from other redheads by going a teensy bit darker than most, making all the difference between regular red hair and gold, flowing tresses. Enchanted star Amy Adams is known for her strawberry gold hair, and can easily be achieved via hair kits featuring “golden red” or “strawberry gold” shades.

Cinammon shades

This particular shade of red offers that extra spark. This is the red hair that resembles flame, and is commonly described as “fiery and vibrant”. Match the autumn leaves with hair kits of “cinnamon” and “copper”.

Rich and darker browns

Who says brunettes are dull and boring? Prove them wrong with rich browns that end in golden strands, sporting a different take on the reliable, though nonetheless stylish, brunette look. Looking for a hair color kit with this exact shade might be a bit tricky, but those with “rich chocolate browns” or “brown with golden tones” should do.

Darker brown is almost black, and if you want to dye your hair a shade deeper for autumn, stay away from “black and blue” shades, as this will give your hair an almost unnatural sheen. If you want, you can add golden accents to offset the deep brown shade, resulting in a pretty auburn shade.

Extra tips

If you’ve changed your hair color more than once, there’s the tendency for it to become dry and brittle. Keep your hair moisturized and healthy with regular use of Argan oil, a naturally extracted substance loaded with much-needed hair nutrients. Add Argan oil to your daily hair care regimen, and you’ll have healthy glowing locks all throughout the fall.


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