Trendy Springtime Haircuts!

Trendy Hairstyles Can Make You Look Younger

With blooms sprouting from the ground giving colours to the world, birds singing and people prioritising organising and cleaning, it is official, spring has finally arrived. Whenever springtime comes it seems that the earth is reborn. With the days no longer bitter cold and the skies no longer gloomy, it is time to get up and throw the winter blues out of the window. A change is enveloping the planet and it it time to revitalise your winter-damaged hair! Trim away and be in tune with the trends of the season!

Spring’s Trendy Cuts

  • The Super Long Bob – Step out with a fabulous one length cut with your hair hitting the collar bone. This hair cut syle usually comes with a slightly shorter hair in the back. Your hair would have lots of textute which means that you will have an easier time maintaining and styling this cut. The Super Long Bob os best for normal or fine straight hair or with that wavy texture. For those who have thick head of hair, don’t despair as you can still wear this style. Your stylist would just need to undercut your hair. By doing this your hair will lay smoothly over the top.
  • The Textured Pixy Cut – This classic cut is well loved even by our very modern era. This cut is best for anyone brave enough to chop off their locks and walk around proud with lesser head of hair. You can choose to have the short and androgynous cut, with your sides shaved and the top of your hair messy and choppy or you can let the top have some length for that touch of femininity.Whatever the shape of your face may be or whatever hair texture you have, you can go for the textured pixy cut.
  • Fringe with a shag – You may thibk that it’s 70’s all over again and you are right! This cut is taken from the 1970’s but giveb a very modern rockstar edge! Women who love and live the rock and roll life will definitely love rocking this hair style! You can choose to have your hair at different lengths. Whether you want your hair medium or long to your hair grazing your shoulders. The more unruly the cut is the better it looks so tell your stylist not to be modest on giving your hair texture. Those with thicker and wavier hair would rock this look!
  • Punk Rock Angles Cut – Truly punk’s not dead! In fact we are seeing a reemergence of crazy hair colours, drastic cuts and those spiky hairstyles. So are you are ready to let that punk in you emerge?

Spring Care for Hair: Moroccan Argan Oil

With all that cleaning on your mind, don’t forget to take care of you hair. You may have gotten a new hairstyle but caring for the hair does not stop there. Apply Moroccan Argan oil on your hair and scalp at least twice a week. The Moroccan Argan oil helps protect the hair from damages and it also repairs and revitalises the hair.

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