How Can You Treat Underarm Issues?

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The skin under your arms is one of the harshest areas on the body. It’s constantly under friction with elevated temperatures. As a result of these conditions, underarm problems can result. Explore common issues that you might face and how to gently deal with the underarm environment.

1. Rash Issues

With so much friction occurring in this skin area, it’s understandable that rashes might occur. There are several reasons for a red and itchy rash, including:

• Razor burn

• Folliculitis

• Dermatitis

If your rash isn’t caused by a chronic medical condition, treat it at home with argan oil. A few drops of oil on the affected area can calm the uncomfortable sensation while reducing the inflamed appearance. The oil nourishes the skin so that the immune system can concentrate on healing the follicle, pores and other areas. Simply rinse off the argan oil after a treatment time of at least 10 minutes.

2. Too Much Sweat

Only about 3 percent of the population actually has a clinical medical condition with excessive sweating. If you feel like you sweat too much, try a few lifestyle changes, such as:

• Avoiding pungent foods

• Drinking fewer caffeinated drinks

• Trying wicking fabrics to reduce dampness

All of these simple changes can make an impact on your sweating volume. The underarm area will be drier as a result. Drinking more water each day can also help your situation. You’ll be hydrated and cool with the extra water so sweating isn’t as necessary as before.

3. Darkened Skin

Don’t be alarmed if you notice darkened skin under your arms. In many cases, this condition is genetic or caused by a change to your hormones. It’s possible to treat the darkened skin with argan oil.

Culinary Argan Oil Is An Excellent Cooking Oil Alternative

This essential oil mixes easily with brown sugar to make an instant exfoliator. Darkened skin is basically thickened tissue that needs some layered removal. Exfoliate with the sugar and oil mixture each week, and you’ll see a difference over time. The oil also hydrates the skin so that it’s more supple after each treatment too.

4. Lump Under Skin

Your underarm should have a largely concave shape to it, but you might discover a lump one day. Any growth under the skin needs to be evaluated by a doctor. This growth can actually be part of the skin or just underneath it. A few causes of lumps include:

• Inflamed hair follicle

• Cyst

• Tumor

• Swollen lymph node

When the lump is diagnosed as a benign issue, you can cleanse and exfoliate the area like normal. Argan oil is a pure substance that won’t hinder any treatments that your skin is currently undergoing. Try to incorporate its use in order to hydrate and exfoliate the underarm as necessary.

5. Underarm Odors

Your actual sweat isn’t necessarily smelly, but chemical reactions in and on your body contribute to odors. Eating too much protein and certain hormonal changes can quickly create underarm odors. The bacteria on your skin will actually react to the oils excreted by the pores, and you have a smelly situation.

Eating a balanced diet and regularly washing your underarms are two of the simplest ways to reduce unpleasant odors. Wearing natural deodorant is another option when hot days are upon you.

Always remember that your underarm is simply skin under a lot of stress. Be sure to share this article with loved ones, and everyone can understand this complex area. With healthy underarms, you can wave and lift your arms without any worries.