Valentine’s Day Ideas with Argan Oil

With the economic crisis still plaguing most nations, it is safe to say that almost everyone, if not all are on a tight budget. With Valentine’s day fast approaching many lovers are trying to find ways on how they can give that special Valentine’s Day for their loved ones without having to dig deep down their pockets. Men and women are thinking hard on how they can make this year’s Valentine’s Day really special. If you are almost on the verge of going crazy trying to rock your brain for ideas then stop and take a breather. Your lucky you came across with this article.

Argan Oil on Valentine’s Day

These simple Valentine treats will surely warm the hearts of your loved one.

  • Warm Bath with Argan Oil – Set up a relaxing mood by dimming the lights and lighting up perhaps a few candles. This would be a great surprise when your loved one opens the door, coming home from work. Have the water in the bath running. A warm bath is a great way to relax tired and aching muscles. You can also pour in a few drops of the Argan oil on the bath. This would moisturise the skin, giving your loved one a smooth and soft skin.
  • Soothing Massage with Argan Oil – This is truly a stress buster. After a long day at work, anyone would appreciate a soothing massage. Give your loved one a back massage or even a whole body massage using Argan oil. This oil is known to soothe aching joints. The oil is being used by many people with arthritic and rheumatic conditions as a topical pain reliever.After the warm bath and soothing massage, open a bottle of wine for you and your loved one to share. You can play a soft music on the background to fill the air with romance. You can dance the night away and have a good laugh while sipping wine.
  • Nail Care with Argan Oil – This may sound too simple as a Valentine gift but if your hands are the one doing the mani and pedi, your loved one will most likely treasure this gesture more than they would a mani and pedi done by a professional. Women will be so pleased with the thought that their man tried learning how to do mani and pedi just for them.If you have tried learning mani and pedi but just can’t pull it off, you can give a nail spa instead. All you need is a few drops of Argan oil combined with lemon juice. The mixture should be 50-50. Just dip your loved one’s fingers on the mixture for 20 minutes and wipe them dry. This nail spa is to strengthen and moisturise the nails. You can do the same with the feet and while you’re at it, you can give a foot massage.

These ideas for Valentine’s Day may be very simple but they are filled with love, romance and warmth. Try out these ideas this coming Valentine’s Day to show your loved one how treasured he or she is.

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