Acne Scars Are Very Annoying To Deal With

Various Options for Removing Acne Scars

What’s worse than acne? Many would say acne scars. And on some level, this is actually true. Not only do these scars reveal and constantly remind you of your past bouts of acne, they are very hard to wipe out. Getting rid of acne scars is a lengthy process. Some are even not lucky enough to successfully get rid of these scars.

Acne Scars: Is There an Effective Way to Remove Them?

Many are bothered with the thought of having to wear scars on their skin permanently. They do have an effect on how you look and the worst part is most of the time these scars actually negatively impact one’s self confidence. So the question remains. Is there really a way to remove acne scars? Do not hold your head too low as there are treatments that can effectively get rid of acne scars or at least minimize them. You can go for clinical treatments or you can stick with the traditional methods which involve creams and oils for removing acne scars.

Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Clinical Treatments for Acne Scars

Here are some of your options for clinical treatments in removing acne scars.


To get rid of mild acne scars you can consult a certified dermatologist for a dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is usually used to remove mild acne scars. Usually this treatment is used for those scars that left shallow grooves on the skin. In this procedure, a dermatologist uses a vacuum-type tool which bombards the skin with crystals that are so fine. The fine crystals are meant to plane the epidermis so that the surface of the skin is at the level of the scars’ grooves. Dermabrasion effectively makes the scars less noticeable. However this procedure puts one at a greater risk of getting infections because of planing down the skin.

Laser Acne Scar Treatment

If your acne scars are extensive but not that deep, laser acne scar treatment can get rid of these bothersome scars. However, this treatment can be on the pricey side. If you are getting this treatment, make sure that you only get it from a certified medical professional.

Collagen Injections

For those pitted ice pick scars as well as flat tissue paper scars, collagen injection is a solution. If you are considering this option, you should give this process a serious thought and choose a certified professional carefully. We’ve seen botched collagen injections in celebrities and for sure, this is something you would want to avoid.


For serious acne scars, those that are deep and disfiguring, you can undergo a surgical procedure and have a plastic surgeon cut out the scars. If these clinical treatments sound too invasive for you, you can try the old or traditional technique which is applying creams, oils and lotions on the scars.

Traditional Solutions for Acne Scars

There are plenty of creams, oils, and ointments that people use in getting rid or lightening their scars. And a number of people using these traditional methods report great results.

Argan OilArgan oil is one of the most loved skin care products today. But is it effective against acne scars? Many people are saying so! The oil is packed with a high amount of Vitamin E and Vitamin E has long been believed to promote faster wound healing, prevent scarring and minimize scars.

If you want to go au natural in treating your acne scars, you can try using Argan oil.


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