Very Easy to Make Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorants Are Safer

In this post we will show you how you can make your own toxic ingredient-free homemade deodorant. You’ll be surprised how ridiculously easy it is!

Those of you who love pulling DIY projects are most probably jumping up and down with excitement. Hoorah! For another Do-It-Yourself adventure! If you sweat a lot whether during the hot days of summer or even in the colder days of winter, or whenever you get excited or when facing a nerve-racking situation, you’d be concerned if you are already giving off a not so pleasing smell.

However, after learning about the harmful ingredients that are commonly used in popular deodorants, you probably are already unwilling to go ahead and douse yourself in these toxic chemicals just so you would smell nice or at least not smell foul.

There are quite a lot of organic deodorants in the market these days which are safer alternatives. However, making your own natural deodorant is very easy and a lot cheaper. Plus this DIY deodorant is highly effective and free from harmful chemicals!

Do-It-Yourself Natural Deodorant

You only need two ingredients to make your very own deodorant and these two ingredients are quite common and very easy to find. You won’t even have to spend time researching online what such and such ingredient is or check out special stores to get them. Once you have the two ingredients in hand, you’ll just need a container with a tight lid. You can even use an old moisturizer container.

The Ingredients

  • Bicarbonate of soda – In simpler term, this is baking soda. You only need a quarter cup or about 40 grams. You don’t have to be that precise in your measurement.
  • Organic Essential Oils – You can use whatever organic essential oils you prefer. We recommend the Moroccan Argan oil since aside from its moisturizing and anti-oxidative properties, it also has antiseptic properties. You can add in lemon oil to get that fresh scent. Use 10 drops of the Argan oil and 10 drops of the lemon oil. But you can choose whatever organic essential oils you want to use.

With only two ingredients needed, making this natural deodorant is obviously so easy. All you need to do is put in your baking powder in the container and then start adding the organic essential oils. Once done, just use a butter knife to mix it all together. You’ll first get this clumpy powder but keep stirring until you start seeing the mixture as a slightly crumbled powder! Voila! That’s done! You now have your DIY natural deodorant!

Applying the Deodorant

Use a cotton cloth to stick into your deodorant and dab it under your arms. If you have sweaty feet, you can use this too! Just use another cloth for your feet and remember to change your dabbing cloth regularly.