Visit Your Skin Doctor at Least Once a Year if You Want Beautiful Skin

When was the last time you went to your dermatologist? That long huh? If you want to properly care for your skin you should squeeze in your tight schedule (no matter how tight it may be) your appointment to your dermatologist.

You take time to visit your dentist why not your skin doctor? You even take time to visit your not so close friends why not take the time to be checked by your dermatologist? You only need to see your skin doctor at least once so you should really allot some time for this visit.

A lot of women (yes, admittedly it is mostly us women) worry about their skin. The dream of most women is having a clear, smooth, young looking and beautiful skin. Many actually spend a fortune on beauty products and some even on cosmetic surgery to achieve beautiful skin. But not many go and visit their dermatologist.

Dermatologists are experts when it comes to the largest organ of our body. That’s our skin, by the way if you were wondering what in the world the largest organ in our body is. With regular yearly check up with your dermatologist he or she can recommend to you proper skin treatments and even proper skin caring. More importantly your dermatologist can check on any abnormal mole growth and other signs of skin cancer. Skin cancer when diagnosed at its early stage generally has good prognosis.

Before you listen to any other skin care advice even before you follow the 3 simple skin care tips that appear in this article, you should set an appointment with your dermatologist. Be sure to not cancel or miss your appointment. Your visit will not take that long and if you happen to wait in line, just bring me along as your reading material.

I probably have stressed quite clearly the importance of visiting your dermatologist at least once a year so by this time I may have already hypnotised you so I will quit reminding all my readers to go to their skin doctor at least once a year as they may have gotten the point already. So let us go on with the three steps of proper caring for the skin.

3 Steps to Beautiful Skin

You may be reading this with disbelief. You might even be thinking the words “Really” and “Yeah Right” but yes I tell you there are only 3 steps to beautiful skin. 3 steps belong to your skin care regimen while the rest is how you live your life.

  1. Step number 1 is to wash your face daily, once at night and once after waking up in the morning. Never use soap on your face as they dry out your skin. You should know your skin type so you would know what cleanser to use. Oily type should go for gel based cleansers while dry should go for cleansers with moisturising property. Be sure that the cleanser you use is gentle.
  2. Step number 2 is to use Argan oil as moisturiser. Argan oil moisturises and prevents skin aging. It also protects the skin from getting damaged by UV rays and free radicals.
  3. Step number 3 is to always lather your skin with sunscreen lotion (SPF 15 or higher) when going out your house.

This is how easy you can properly take care of your skin. In no time you will start seeing and feeling the difference.

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