Vitamins For Healthy Nails

Most women think that going to the salon is enough to maintain their nails. As long as they are clean and beautiful, they are already considered healthy nails. But when your nails are devoid of any color or polish, do they still look attractive?

Attractive nails may not necessarily mean healthy nails but healthy nails are always attractive. When you wear polish all the time, you may fail to notice their real condition. According to dermatologists, healthy nails reflect a healthy body.

So if you observe that your nails have been dull, discolored or brittle lately, this may be an indicator that your body does not get the sufficient vitamins or any form of nourishment it needs.

Here is a list of some essential vitamins and minerals that will improve the health of your nails.

  • Vitamin B12 is a water soluble-vitamin that plays a significant role in the brain and nervous system functioning. It also participates in the body’s metabolism, affecting DNA and fatty acid synthesis as well as energy production. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to serious and irreversible damage to the brain and nervous system.When your body lacks this vitamin, your nails are overly dry and appear dark. It also exhibits spooning wherein it grows upwards. Food rich in Vitamin B12 include fish, meat liver, eggs and dairy products like cheese and milk.
  • Vitamin E is fat-soluble antioxidant that protects cell membranes from oxidation. When your body does not get enough amounts of this vitamin, it reflects on your nails. Those deficient in vitamin E often have weak or brittle nails.A good source of Vitamin E is Argan oil. It acts as a moisturizer, making your nails strong and restores them back to health. Just use a few drops of Argan oil and massage to your nails at least once a day. Food containing Vitamin E include sunflower seeds, spinach, asparagus and yams.
  • Iron is present in all cells in the body. It is involved in many vital functions such as the transport of oxygen from the lungs to various tissues in the form of hemoglobin and as an inherent part of enzyme reactions in various tissues, just to name a few. Iron deficiency can lead to various illnesses and even death.The lack of iron is manifested through brittle or grooved nails. The disease known as koilonychia, which literally means spoon nails, is a nail disease due to iron deficiency. The nails become abnormally thin and they lose their convexity, appearing flat or concave. Food loaded with iron include leafy green vegetables, nuts, tofu, beans and lean red meat.
  • Zinc is another anti-oxidant that helps to keep your nails strong. It plays a role in the metabolism of RNA and DNA, gene expression as well as regulates programmed cell death.Deficiency of this trace element is shown by the appearance of white spots or bands on your nails as well as inflammation of the cuticles. Good sources of zinc include poultry, green beans, peanuts, pumpkin, red meats, cheese and oysters.

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