Want a Youthful Version of You?

Looking young isn’t just about wearing the most colorful makeup or the latest clothes. The best way to retain a youthful glow is to take good care of your body, starting off with the most visible parts of you – your hair and skin. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost you very much. Here are a couple of tips you can use to look several years younger.

Change your lipstick shade

Want to make your lips look more plump? Go a shade lighter than your present regular lipstick. For an even more Angelina Jolie-esque pout, use some lip gloss to brighten up the centers of the top and bottom lips.

Mess up your hair

There’s a difference between just-got-out-of-bed messy, and artfully arranged messy. Hanging loose tendrils framing your face provides a more youthful, vulnerable appearance. Simply rake your fingers through your hair and muss it up a bit to add more volume to your hair.

Tan your legs

Add in some bronzer to the lotion applications on your legs; this makes your legs look a lot slimmer and disguises spider veins and other blemishes. Keep your skin healthy too, with regular applications of Argan oil. Argan oil contains vitamin E and other antioxidants which are very helpful in fighting skin aging. The oil is loaded with other nutrients that nourish the skin!

Use blush strategically

The right shade of blush will accentuate your best features with your cheekbones highlighted and therefore making your face a lot rosier. For an even better effect, dab some bronzer across your cheekbones, and then top off the apples of your cheeks with blush.

Look alive with the right eye makeup

Use a cream highlighter to apply to the insides and outsides of your eye contours. These are often the eyes that tend to look darker, giving you a tired look. The cream conceals the dark circles. In fact, the cream concealer should be one of the two important must-haves in your makeup kit, the other being a dry-textured concealer that helps deal with darker blemishes and red spots on your face. After, use a peach eye pencil to line the insides of your eyes to make you look more alert.

Don’t depend on face powder

Well…at least, not too much. Instead, choose oil-blotting screens to keep your face oil-free, as too much powder application will create lines on your face that’ll give it an artificial look. However, you can start off the day with a waterproof foundation. Use a small, flat-topped brush to apply the powder in circular motions. If possible, use a foundation that has tiny reflective particles that add a nice glow to your face.


Sure, you’ve heard it before, but there is truth to looking younger with a smile. It reduces frown lines and makes you look a whole lot friendlier. Keep those smiling muscles working, and you’ll both look and feel young.

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