A True Man Knows How To Properly Groom Himself

Want To Be Well-Groomed Without Looking Too Polished?

Most men think that sporting a rugged messy look is all macho. But this doesn’t work for the best all the time. The well-groomed men are more manly for women and they would most of the time get all praises and giggly sighs from the ladies.

Getting all spruced up doesn’t make any man less of a man. This less of a man term is even ridiculous and it doesn’t have a place in this modern and civilised world. A man is a man period. No matter how rugged or well-groomed a man may be, he is a man, nothing more nothing less.

Grooming is about caring for your own appearance and overall health. If you want to present yourself as a well-groomed individual then groom away. Some men dismiss grooming because they think this would make them look more feminine or too polished. Here are some grooming tips that would let you be all spruced up without looking too feminine or too polished.

  • Start trimming those nose hairs. Nose hairs sticking out is not just pleasant to look at. Such a sight can even be very disturbing to some people and yes people do notice this detail. Your nose hairs sticking out may even put off that lady you have been trying to impress. So buy yourself a nose hair clipper and trim away whenever necessary.
  • Give your eyebrows a good trim. You may think that this is something that women should only be doing but you are absolutely wrong. Those actors, models and even some respected politicians that you see on the tele are also trimming their eyebrows. You only need to trim the eyebrows and not have them shaped. Doing so will open up the eyes. Your eyes are your best asset and you should not hide them from the world. Don’t forget to brush up your eyebrows before leaving your home!
  • Clip your nails and keep them clean. Dirty fingernails and toenails are not just unpleasant to look at. They can also lead to different diseases. Long and dirty fingernails as well as toenails are just a plain NO-NO! So give your nails a regular trimming and keep them clean. It is also best to keep the nails moisturised. Dry nails are prone to breakage and chipping. Coat your nails with Moroccan Argan oil. You can also mix the oil with equal amount of lemon juice and soak your nails in this mix. Argan oil is packed with eessential fatty acids that would moisturise the nails and the cuticles. Vitamin E is also present in the oil and this nutrient will help strengthen the nails!
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth and floss everyday. You don’t need to have perfectly straight and pearly white teeth. You only need to keep them clean. Letting other people see a set of teeth with plaque and food still sticking in between the teeth is just so unappealing. And you might just be making everyone dizzy every time you open your mouth. So make it a habit to brush and floss your teeth everyday!


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