Want to Wear Beautiful Nails?

Your hands may be one of the busiest parts of your body. Often, the hands and nails are exposed to extreme conditions and constant trauma. Sad to say, the nails are often neglected until they show signs of deterioration such as presence of white spots, dry appearance and chipping. Our nails are always almost on prominent display and keeping your nails in good condition is a matter of great necessity. Read on for some helpful tips on how you can keep your nails beautiful.

Protect your nails

Wear gloves when doing chores to protect your hands and nails from absorbing dirt and bacteria. The gloves will also protect your nails from getting soaked in water. Water can rob the nails of its natural moisture therefore becoming dry and brittle. When washing your hands, use a mild, unscented hand soap and use a soft-bristled nail brush to remove dirt and grime. Harsh chemicals may cause your hands and nails to become excessively dry and irritated so be sure to wear gloves whenever handling products with harsh chemicals such as detergents, dish washing soap and fertilizers.

No to Excessive Nail Polish

You may love giving yourself some good mani-pedi pampering but you should lay off the nail polish. Constant use of nail polish deprives nails of oxygen which is needed to maintain nail’s natural color and good health. Give your nails some rest in between nail polish applications and never let polish stay on your nails for more than 10 days at a time. This practice will promote nail health by allowing better oxygen flow into your nails.

Don’t Trim Your Cuticles

Never trim your cuticles. Leave your cuticles alone because they serve as protection against bacteria and dirt. When you cut or push back your cuticles, you remove that protection and open yourself to possible infection.

Don’t bite your Nails

Nail biting is sometimes more than a childish habit. In adult cases, it is a symptom of a serious anxiety problem that may require treatment. If this is the case, it should be referred to a physician. Nail biting can cause undue stress to your nails and can lead to your nails becoming brittle and breaking easily.


When you want great-looking nails, it is very important to keep your nail bed and cuticle moisturized. When the cuticles are kept moisturized, there are fewer chances of your nails chipping, cracking and breaking. Use the Moroccan Argan Oil to moisturize the nail bed and cuticle. This 100% natural oil contains vitamins and minerals that will help your nail grow better and healthier. Massage a few drops of argan oil on your nails every night to keep your nails nourished, strong and beautiful.

Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet is as important for your nails as it is for the vital organs in your body. Include food groups that are rich in vitamin E, protein and calcium in your daily diet to keep your nails healthy and beautiful all the time.

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