Watch What You Eat if You Want Your Skin Healthy and Vibrant

One Of The Reasons Why We Get Ugly Skin Is Eating Unhealthy Foods

Did you know that what you eat can actually affect the health of your skin? With today’s fast paced life most of us are used to eating if not greasy and fatty meals, meals that come out from boxes take over the menu. It is not surprising that many are becoming overweight and also having unhealthy skin.

It is true that most women are more concerned about how their skin looks and feels. But some men whether straight or gay do care about the health of their skin. If you want to look good you have to eat good food. Not only will you get healthy and young looking skin you are also saving yourself from possible life threatening diseases caused by unhealthy diet.

Skin care is not just about washing your face regularly and religiously applying moisturiser to the skin such as Argan oil. (Just a heads up, it is best that you switch to Argan oil for your skin moisturiser as the components of this oil such as essential unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, Squalene and antioxidants do wonders to the skin) These skin care habits are very helpful in maintaining the health and youth of the skin but would be more effective with a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.

Food to Avoid

If you are serious about achieving that glowing and youthful skin then you should avoid the following food:

  • Greasy and oily food – Stop yourself from ordering take outs or even eating in fast food chain serving greasy meals. Not only are greasy and oily meals bad for your skin they are bad for your overall health.
  • Chocolates – Avoid eating too many chocolates. They contain a huge amount of fats, sugar and calories which is already unhealthy. But the reason why eating too many chocolates is bad for your skin is because of the hormone (from cows) found in chocolates and dairy products that reacts negatively against the natural hormone that our bodies produce. The result is very oily skin and blemishes.
  • Junk Snacks – Junk is never meant to be eaten but junk food is just too delicious to resist. If you can not totally cut out the junk snacks in your life then you should try and minimise your consumption. If you eat too much junk snacks you are going to gain a lot of weight and endanger your heart of getting diseases. Not only that you can end up with pimples galore on your face.If you are wondering why junks are bad for the skin you should know that the chips, chocolates and other processed food you take have high levels of saturated fats which the body has a hard time processing. If the body contains a lot of saturated fats, these fats will find an escape which will be through the skin. This will result to clogged pores, oily skin and spots.

Avoid the food listed above and instead stick to a healthy and balanced diet. You should eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin E.

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