Wear a Hairstyle that Makes You Look Younger!

Ever been given a “you look much younger” compliment after getting a new haircut? There are indeed hairstyles that can wipe away years of your age. So if you want to be on the receiving end of a “you look way younger than your age” compliment then head out to a salon and get a haircut that will do the trick.

Various Hairstyles for a More Youthful Look

Here are a few hairstyles that can make you look younger than your actual age.

  • The Long Layers CutDon’t go for the all throughout one-length cut. This will just pull your face down and the result is a tired and stressed look. You should opt for a cut with tons of long layers involved. Such a cut will bring more attention to your prominent features. Do you remember when Jennifer Aniston stepped out with a new do after sporting her famous “Friends” hairstyle? She looked way younger with those long layers. When getting this cut you should make sure that you are in the hands of a good hairstylist. If the stylist cut your layers too short, then you will end up having that shaggy lion-like hair that most older aunts sport.
  • The Good Old PonytailFor this style, you do not need to step inside a salon which is even better. People usually wear a ponytail when they are having a bad hair day or when they are rushing but this style can actually wipe years off your age. Try wearing a high ponytail or one that is pulled back snugly. This would lift your face and accentuate those lovely cheekbones. Definitely you would look younger wearing such a style!
  • The Fringe StyleNo we are not talking about the tv series. We are talking about your bangs. Try getting a fringe and you’ll look younger instantly. Getting a fringe can also help make your features softer. Aside from that, your fringe can also cover up some unwanted lines that are already showing on the forehead.
  • The Stylish BobBe stylish and trendy by getting a bob cut! Definitely when you wear a style that’s hot for today’s young generation then you’d look more youthful. This style actually does not go out of trend. This short cut will lift up your face and make wrinkles appear softer.
  • The Wavy StyleIf you have the wavy kind of hair, get a fringe preferrably a sideswept style. To get that carefree youthful spirit that many young adults have wear your waves loose just like a beachy waves style.

Loving Your Locks

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