Wear Trendy Nail Colours This Fall!

Have you got all your accessories you need (or you want) for the fall season? When the subject of accessories is mentioned many would automatically think about bags and shoes. Yes, we won’t deny that these are the most famous accessories. Earrings, necklaces, bangles and what-nots come in next. But what about your nails? Are they “well-accessorised” for the fall season?

What’s the best colour to wear this autumn? Well when it comes to nail colours, the best ones to put on are dark hues mixed with a contrast of bright touches. Here are some nail colours that are trendy for this season.

  • Like a stormy and dark night. If you love going to fashion shows or you love watching them on the tele you would notice that the popular colours are midnight blue as well as very rich burgundy. To pull off a perfect looking manicure, you’ll have to make sure that you clip your nails short, square having rounded corners. Then coat with lacquer. Once is not enough so you’ll need to coat them twice. As a finishing touch, go for a top layer that is glossy.
  • Going with pale colours. With the colder temperatures you’ll need something refreshing to the eyes. Consider wearing white colour on your nails. Bright colours are also a big hit for this season. Try painting your nails with cream or soft gold polishes. If you’re a bit on the bold side, how about painting your nails in terracota colour.
  • The French never goes out of style. It is true that French manicure is always in style whatever the season may be. There are numerous variations of French manicure. Although a French manicure during the fall season will look a tad bit on the subtle side, it still carries a theatrical display. There is a well-kept secret for a dramatic French manicure and that is to always keep the base of the nails muted. You can do that with cream or putty. Then make the tips of your nails black with either red or silver.
  • Show your wild side. Be brave enough to show to the world your wild side. Intricate prints scream out one’s wild side. If you notice nail art is a big hit these days. You’ll see several people bold enough to paint their nails in bright rainbow colours! Don’t be afraid to play with colours. Mix them up!
  • The plum effect. Ever tried polishing your nails in deep plum? If you watched the CorellCorell runway show, you’ll definitely be impressed how wonderful the nails of the models were in deep plum!

Now that you know some of the very trendy colours for this season, you should remember that a perfect manicure starts with healthy nails! Keep your nails healthy by regularly coating them with the Moroccan Argan oil. Argan oil is loaded with Vitamin E which will strengthen your nails. It is also packed with essential fatty acids which are great moisturisers for both the nails and the cuticles!

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